Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Watching Dr.Phil – parents who allow their children to be sexually abused.

This particular episode is about religious/cult abuse, and a lot of child abuse of different types goes on in churches that do indeed pretend to be the more commonly known churches. I know of one and it is a Baptist ‘Church’/cult. The right wing, conservative, non empathy type churches,often have more abuse occurring, then others. They are often more like cults, than churches.

But, the same disturbed thinking happens within family’s and with or without the religious aspect. It’s a human perversion, not a religious issue, but church people will abuse the Bible, to justify their severe mental health issues. It becomes the perfect excuse.

I will never stop grieving how I know my mother knew what was happening to me. She knew her husband was pervert, and so were all his friends. There were too many, and she was not an un-intelligent woman. And I believe she enjoyed it. It was deliberate, planned intent.

I’m sitting watching this father, speak absolute lies about how he ‘didn’t know’ that his 13 year old daughter was having sex with this church minister, and watching him blame his daughter.

It is sickening. I know how it feels to be blamed by your parent, for sexual abuse. I was also blamed for my sister being abused. I was 13.

But, good to see Dr. Phil, tell him how wrong he is and how the blame – is actually his, for failing to protect his daughter.

And Dr. Phil acknowledged all the so called mind control the father says he was subjected to, but it is so obvious how this father was actually more concerned about what other church members would say, than protecting his daughter. That happens a lot in churches too. And in family’s. Image and fitting in, can be everything, to some people. And at the cost of abuse occurring to others. Continue reading