Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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A self confessed sociopath, who also claims to be a Christian….has found this blog.

No longer a moth to the flame.

I am aware of the lack of moral decency, empathy, remorse, etc of sociopaths. I am very aware of the manipulation and trolling they can do.

Someone who’s comments I am not approving, who is using a fake name…claims to be a sociopath and a Christian – is responding to my blog posts. He claims “God punishes him for his sins”…so that alone is a red flag for not knowing the God I know, who is pure love. God is not a sociopath.

I have no idea whether this person is safe to approve the comments, I’m not saying 100% isn’t……but I am not absolutely not willing to take the chance.

My wellness and healing, are important and more important than dealing with anymore sociopaths in my life. My needed boundaries and my healing are not worth jeopardising in any way, for someone who’s issues are likely to trigger, upset and bother me.

This little moth is staying well away from flames now.

Some trolls are actually very unwell.

I’ve had my share of trolls. I am a very raw and honest person, so this tends to attract people who wish to cause trouble, Not everyone likes to hear the truth.

I’ve been called lots of things, had accusations thrown at me, in my time on social media. I’m so used to it.

But, there are some accusations made, that really make me think, wow – this person is really unwell and needs help.

Today, I have been accused of being someone who is ‘deliberately trying to get people dependent on medications and make money out of people.’


I am the least pushy and the least judgmental person I know about meds.

My motto is, if you need them – that is okay and don’t feel ashamed of that. If you don’t want to take them, that is okay too. But, don’t tell people either way what they should do, or shame people for needing them.

This person is anti-medications. So believes strongly anyone who takes them, is wrong. And the fact that I take them and talk about and I’m an admin of a page, means I am deliberately trying to make everyone else dependent on them.

Which is bizarre thinking. Continue reading