Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


In this world. But not of this world.

I relate to people who write they know they not of this world. I know I don’t belong here. I never have. I belong where I am heading. I am just travelling this world, raising my children, helping some people as I can.

But, I am not of this world and I never have been. And I’ve given up any expectation of this life. I accept I am different. I accept I am alone. I no longer expect anyone else to understand me. And it’s okay, only I need to understand.

I truly look forward to where I am heading, and daydream of it often. I utilise my capacity to zone out. Out of this world.

I have no fear of death. I look forward to it. And it’s not a trauma related issue. It is a spiritual knowing.

Acceptance of many difficult things, I have faced lately.

not of this world


Grieving is hard.

We found out today, my husbands nana has passed away. My husband is sad. His dad is really sad – as he was very close to his mum and loved her dearly. I know how painful this will be for him. I’m sad. Grieving is hard. It’s hard when you can’t go to the funeral as well and you feel unable to console people and be there for them.

Although we were not really close, my husband’s family are more of a family to me, than mine ever were. In the last few years, 3 grandparents have all passed. They were kinder to me, than any of my natural family members. Continue reading