Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


When you feel like a fool, for being fooled, remember where the responsibility lies.

Being honest, is something very hard for many people. When lied to, duped, fooled by someone you wanted to trust – someone you should have been able and expect to trust… it’s not being a fool. It’s being a normal human being.

I forget this sometimes, and revert to feeling like an idiot, for trusting people. However, wanting to trust people and expect good from people, is not wrong. But, when someone is dishonest – repeatedly – that is always ‘their’ issue.

I need to remember this. It’s so easy for me to self blame and shift the blame of other people’s issues, to myself. Lifetime habits, are hard to completely break. Continue reading

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Dishonest people, lacking in courage, minimize their own wrongs.

People who lack the courage for integrity to honesty, will often either deny own wrongdoing, or minimize them. It’s how they cope. It takes a really honest person to fully admit wrongdoing, especially when it’s hurt someone.

This happened today. Someone minimized something hurtful. Minimized ‘laughing at someone’ (to the point of needing tissues due to ‘crying with laughter’)…….down to ‘smiling’. Instead of just owning the full behaviour, owning the hurt caused to someone, minimized it to something far more minor. And that is always how I know someone knows they have done wrong. You don’t lie in this way, when you have done no wrong.

This is dishonesty, lack of courage and lack of empathy for the person hurt. And selfishness, because lying to someone in this way, is defending ones own ego, not about helping the other person.

When this is a pattern of behaviour, I know I’m dealing with someone Continue reading


Proof of intentional cyber bullying and abuse.

I recently reported a PTSD page to Facebook, for (multiple) theft of intellectual property, which was from both my page and website. I had every right to do so, especially as they refused to take down the work which had my page/website details removed and work had been copied from my website, and no source given, so they passed it off as their own. Facebook, confirmed theft of intellectual property.

As a result of this, I received considerable cyber abuse, trolling and harassment.

This is proof of said abuse. This stolen poster was removed by Facebook when I reported it, as it clearly was stolen. This woman’s behaviour and actions are also slander and defamation.

This was my original poster, created in March 2015.

Fullscreen capture 28062015 45919 PM

I updated this recently to add my page name, due to people stealing my posters and removing the page name at the top.

I received this post to my page recently and Ashley Garrison, posted this to many posts on my page, in a deliberate act of abuse, lying, accusations, and bullying.

Fullscreen capture 28062015 52812 PM

This shows a watermark she added, and then accused me of stealing. There is no way I could have removed that watermark, to steal that poster. And I have many posters, with the same picture, same font on the writing on my page. It is clearly my poster. It was written by me, my words, my picture. And she intentionally added a watermark and then accused me of theft, which is exactly what she did herself. Narcissistic projection, intentional abuse, lying and harm.


Facebook removed this poster and confirmed it was theft of my intellectual property. Fullscreen capture 28062015 33856 AM  Continue reading