Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Egocentric, ‘all about me’, apathy attitudes everywhere.

I met up with a new friend the other day, for a play date with her daughter and my son, who are in grade one class at school.

This woman comes along to the food bank I volunteer at and takes 2 boxes (which is only meant to happen for large families and she only has 2 young children). And she is one of those people who has money to buy other luxuries in life, but ‘takes’ from a food bank to get really cheap food. That bothers me, but I realise sadly many people ‘abuse’ charities and the good work volunteers do, for their own selfish needs. I realise there are a % of people who do this, ‘taking’….. but I try to focus on the genuine people in need.

During a conversation, she spoke about how she doesn’t watch the news and ‘doesn’t care’ about other people’s problems, she has enough of her own. (Don’t we all). She doesn’t want to see horrible stories about what happens to people.

She displayed the common attitude of avoiding and apathy, that sadly society promotes… that has no level of empathy, no compassion for others, and no awareness of life outside of own egocentric circle. Continue reading

It really bothers me when people are….


People who enjoy provoking other people, including their own children….

Or enjoying that other people are having to do something they don’t like….

Not being happy for other people’s happiness & trying to take that joy away….

And sarcasm as the only sense of humour….

But have no joy or positive emotions for nice, good things in life and for other people…

Really bother me.

And I live with this every day.


What advocacy for mental health……should *not* be about.


There is a big difference between being honest/open about mental health….and using it as a big excuse to be unhealthy and enabling/encouraging dysfunctional behaviours – that do in fact affect ‘other people’.

That’s the big issue I see…..is the narcissism within people…..’I am what I am and I don’t care if my ‘stuff’ affects you – tough – I don’t intend changing’.

So NOT what advocating for mental health should be about, at all.

But, appeals to the selfishness and narcissism in too many people and in particular certain mental health disorders (there are several directly linked to narcissistic behaviours outside of the personality disorder clusters).

 And mental health stigma is increased……by these unwise & egocentric people.

And this is why I cannot work with such people and I do not promote their behaviours/’work’.

Society is increasingly immature….why?

This is an interesting quote/poster I agree with…


I will go further with this and apply this to EQ too…….particularly in regard to empathy and motivation for people’s behaviours…

The same applies to emotional intelligence (EQ) too – particularly empathy…that is decreasing in society too….

‘My egocentricity and narcissism….

is just as good as your

empathy and compassion’…

That’s society for you………..increasingly selfish, narcissistic, self serving and everyone has an opinion and a right to that opinion – regardless how immature, uneducated, unwise, harmful, abusive etc it is.

Me…..I know the more I learn, the more I don’t know and the more I need to learn…

I am not an expert in anything in life…I am a life student…

And I do know if I am going along with the popular views/needs in society, I am going in the wrong direction..

My need is to seek wisdom, to challenge all I hear, challenge myself, because ego may believe we ‘know it all’ ‘know enough’ etc…. but humility knows we don’t….at all.