Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Really tired today.


I forget sometimes, I am still dealing with chronic illnesses. They haven’t gone away. I still have PTSD. I still have physical health issues occurring. Plus it’s been a big week, in many ways. A good week, but now emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

Need to take it easy for a few days.


I’m tired. Tired of it all.

I’m so tired.

I’m tired of my life.

I’m tired of this battle.

I’m tired of hurting emotionally.

I’m tired of grieving.

I’m tired of hurting physically.

I’m tired of my past.

I’m tired of my present.

I’m tired of people.

I’m tired of opinions.

I’m tired of agenda’s.

I’m tired of people who only think of themselves.

I’m tired of not being good enough.

I’m tired of being used.

I’m tired of dealing with people’s issues.

I’m tired of people’s dishonesty.

I’m tired of explaining myself to people. Continue reading


Volunteering went well – but exhausted again.


So much I could write about today, but I have virtually no energy to write.

I realise there are many reasons why volunteering is emotionally and physically draining, but I am glad I did it.

I think the anxiety, the hypervigilance of being in a new environment and around new people….. plus all these people who came in today for the food and told me some of their stories, plus a few volunteers were in tears about Continue reading

Healing page unpublished, Twitter acct locked… now I can start to relax, ready for my few days away.

I wasn’t going to do this until tomorrow, but I am exhausted.

Exhausted by other people’s issues.

Exhausted with old and new grieving.

Exhausted with my home life.

Really mentally and emotionally exhausted.

So, I brought forward signing off social media and not needing to worry about what people are doing…… to this evening.

And I actually feel relieved.

Much needed self care.

SO ready for my few days away, starting tomorrow.