Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The rain makes the garden even more beautiful =)

I love how the garden and all the plants look after the rain. All the raindrops on the leaves and flowers.

I love all the different flowers, foliage and textures within my garden too. It’s fascinating 🙂

I’ve been playing with the macro feature on my camera too. Makes a difference to just taking snaps on my phone camera.




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Gardening is part of my healing journey :)

Gardening has many health benefits, including mental, spiritual and physical health. It is amazing for stress/anxiety management, mindfulness and creates joy.

For info on the health benefits – see @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!great-for-stressanxiety-reduction/c1ycp



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Gardening expert, on the benefits for mental health.

At the International Gardening Show I attended today, one of the experts was talking about the benefits to mental health.

I have this mentioned on my Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!great-for-stressanxiety-reduction/c1ycp

Gardening is benefiting me and helps manage my PTSD symptoms 🙂

These are from the talk…

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Huge storm, hail…. all I was worried about was my plants!

I think I am becoming a little obsessed with gardening. It is my joy, my distraction from life, people and PTSD, my mindfulness, my escape. Apparently, I have told this is perfectly okay. I guess if I am going to have a slightly obsessional need, it may as well be something as healthy as gardening.

Yesterday, we had a big storm arrive suddenly and I could see it coming over and managed to get my lettuce and tomatoes under the trampoline before the storm hit. The rain was torrential and hail was pounding down. All I could think of was ‘”nnnnnooooo…….my plants!!!”. Not concerned about our dodgy roof leaking yet again, or the roofs on the cars exposed and having hail damage. Nope, I didn’t care at all about them. Just my plants.

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Gardening therapy…. some new garden friends.

Gardening has become really important to me. It is part of my own therapy.

I realise I have done most of my own therapy over the last 3 years. Even my first counsellor, stated I do most of my own therapy. I have the capacity to think deeply about everything and process and work it all out. Something I had to develop very young, due to growing in the ‘garden of evil’. Now I am creating a ‘garden of peace’.

Gardening was something I started doing in the last year, as part of my inner child healing I worked I needed. And it is a form of mindfulness too.

I’ve created this little oasis of peace and tranquillity in my back yard and much of it is based on inner child healing work. I have cute, girlie things like fairies and little animals. All stuff that appeals to the inner child in me, who requires ongoing nourishing, healing, safety and kindness. And is allowed to be a child.

My garden is the only place I ever feel close to any peace, any safety and is of great therapeutic quality.

These are some new cute gardening ornaments my husband bought me, as they were on sale. And they are very cute and welcome, pretty addictions to my fairy deck.

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My mindfulness, my enjoyment, my stress reduction, my inner child healing, my escape… my gardens.

Pics from round my gardens, where I spend time every day, pottering around…

I utilise my gardens for many reasons. Including being where I escape to, when my anxiety is raised, my stress levels are up, and children and husband are pushing my buttons.

My gardens and lovely areas to sit and have a cup of tea, help soothe my mind. They give me something creative and positive to do. They create mindfulness in a way I can regularly participate. They help with inner child healing, and are something so pretty to look at.

I love my flowers, my fairy’s, my cute stuff.

A perfectly wonderful and highly adaptive coping strategy, that aids wellbeing, and promotes healing.

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I need a self cleaning, self weeding garden ;-)

I love my gardens and my yard…. 😀

I love the creating, transforming, the buying and the planting 😀

I love the watering 😀

I love admiring it all and thinking how bootiful it all looks! 😀

But….. this is my face about the weeding part…. the sweeping part…… the raking up the leaves part….



I wrote a post on my personal FB page, about this and what a ‘princess’ I can be……

And that I need to just ‘suck it up princess’ and get out there and do the bloody weeding!

Or the ‘bladdy’ weeding….. as the Aussies say… *giggles! 😉