Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Thinking about all the acknowledgements for my book.


When my book is written, I will be including a section of all the acknowledgments I will be making and how much gratitude I have.

The list, will be…

My counsellor/doctor

My husband

Pete Walker

Many other professionals who support my website/blog/social media

All the many survivors of complex trauma who support me and share their journey’s with me.

All the authors of books I have read and absorbed that have helped me learn all about complex trauma. Continue reading

Blessings are in abundance, if you notice them.

I love the Spring weather in this beautiful part of the world I am blessed to live in.

Spring is probably my favourite time of year. I used to love all the cherry blossom trees in the country I previously lived in. Here, the jacarandas are stunning! And purple – one of my two favourite colours. I’ll no doubt start taking pics of them soon. I love taking photos of everything, all the beauty around me. It helps me to be very mindful of the moment, of the beauty, of what God has blessed us with. Helps me focus on good and be thankful for all the good.

My children are happy souls. My garden is looking lovely. My veggies are growing. The sun is shining. I have some peace and quiet for an hour now, before I go meet a lovely friend for coffee.

Life is good.

life is good Continue reading

Another blog shared by a mental health professional, as a main feature!

I am so thankful for all the support I receive from mental health professionals, all around the world. It still always comes as a surprise and I am so grateful.

Another blog today, was shared as a main feature.

http://paper.li/ValeskaCosci?edition_id=55dbc1e0-683c-11e5-bdc8-0cc47a0d1609 ….. 01/10/15

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First world problems….

I’ve been to two third world countries and I am thankful for the experience of seeing how poor people really live. It is something everyone should do, early on in life. Maybe it would make a difference in how consumed people get with their ‘1st world ‘problems’.

I’ve seen people living in shacks. Living with no running water etc. It is something that has stayed with me and I have not forgotten.

I’m not referring to issues in life like abuse, child abuse and their effects. They are problems experienced throughout the world.

I’m referring to 1st world problems like complaining about internet speed, needing the latest iPhone and all manner of shallow materialistic and consumerism issues. Plus issues relating to image, vanity, size of house, car, bank balance, career…. the list is endless.

Something I noticed when speaking with people living in 3rd world countries, is how they often seem happier, more content, more grateful for any kind of help. They often have more kindness in their hearts, than many in the 1st world.

I truly believe the more most people have, the more destructive it is to the heart and soul. It plays into ego, vanity, greed, pride etc. It pushes people to tap into their dark needs/sides and yet is justified continually. Continue reading


Depression, grieving – robs any capacity for joy, but I’m holding onto knowing I am blessed.

Since shutting down my Facebook page (which is very time consuming), I have more time for other stuff. This can be good and bad……… bad because it means I have more time to think about the bad stuff going on in my life now, and past stuff. And feel all the emotions that go with all that.

So, I am trying my hardest, to get up and do nice things. That mindfulness distraction stuff that I’m meant to do. Even though I don’t really have the energy, or the desire to do anything.

The gardens are looking pretty and I know I am blessed to be able to have nice gardens and lots of pretty plants and all my cutesy stuff. I realise, that whilst my deep depression robs me of feeling joy about this right now, I still have that awareness of being blessed and needing to be thankful, and I am. I just can’t feel the joy that I do know I have felt.

Depression and grieving, robs the capacity to feel joy. And it isn’t intentional, or being selfish. Depression, lack of sleep, fear of how alone I am, abandonment depression, overwhelmed by current issues, as well as prior trauma I have still yet to emotionally deal with, plus all the deep grieving ….. is a heavy load. And should not be minimized, or trivialised.

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Instead of focussing on what I don’t have, I will try to focus on what I do have.

I don’t have a lot of things I need and I do deserve. A decent family of origin, a trustworthy decent husband, a counsellor, support.

What I do have, is my children and Jesus. And I love them. And I know they love me.

I have a huge amount of grieving that I am still doing and the list got longer. And that is all normal and needed for someone who has lived my life.

I also have my children’s future, their growth, their happiness, their lives to help build and much love to give them.

I have Jesus and although I crave a human adult to love me and I know I don’t have that and probably never will, I do have Jesus’ love and I have to pray for Him to be all I need.

I’m going to make a sign, and put it by my bed. Like an affirmation I can read every morning – of my love for my children and Jesus and their love for me.

I will make it enough. And have gratitude for this.

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WOW!!! A donation of $585 from an author/business man, who supports abuse/child abuse/domestic violence survivors.

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Neil Jenman, a successful author, consumer advocate, real estate businessman – who names and shames rogues who rip off consumers………, saw my GoFundMe account for raising funds for my book, and has matched all the donations, and donated $585 today !!!!


Neil shows considerable empathy for victims of abuse, including being very upset that the biggest selling real estate magazine API – currently have a front cover with a known sex offender on it. Neil stated on Twitter, that this reduced him and his wife to tears, due to the absolute lack of empathy for all this sex offender’s victims, shown by this magazine which is typical of the lack of empathy shown in general to abuse survivors.

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My work, is always, always, always worth it!

Someone commented on my page and these comments are common, along with the emails I receive, showing such gratitude and how my work has positively affected them.

My work, my passion, my calling, my ministry – are not easy.

But for any person who gains anything from anything I share, write, post……. is always worth it!

“Well done !

Thanks to your page I got through the darkest time of my life with your understanding on these subjects, it arrived at the time I needed it most and helped me heal with your insight and wisdom,

Many blessings and rewards to you lil ❤ ” 


Pics from the yard……. things that fill me with gratitude & joy :)


My children’s outdoor craft area, where they delighted in painting again today 🙂


Paintings drying 🙂


Pinky – the Flamingo – has had babies 😉


Mr Fox, hiding and snoozing amongst the flowers 🙂


My hibiscus, I will soon be able to make tea with 🙂

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I whinge about Facebook….. but it is free, and it can help many….. when used appropriately.

Facebook wants to force admins of pages to pay…… because they are greedy.

But…… Facebook is free and for that I am very thankful.

Most people who read my community page…… don’t in fact comment, because they don’t want it showing up in their friends newsfeeds, and I totally understand that.

Not everyone is an open book like me, and that is absolutely okay and many will have very valid reasons for this.

This post, reminds me of a percentage of the people, who are following my page.