Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Had a lovely few days away. A much needed family break that reminded me how blessed I am.

Had a lovely few days away with my children and husband. It was needed and as we haven’t had a holiday this year, we made the most of these couple of days.

It was beautiful weather, the sky was so blue, the beaches were beautiful and it was a good mix of busy and relaxing.

I love taking photos, so I have a gazillion! Okay, maybe more like 400.

I am blessed, and life can be as wonderful as it can be horrendous. I am aware of that and I do try continually to keep focussed on the beauty and blessings around me.

My beautiful boys, my biggest blessings ❤ ❤DSC_0512-001




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How I feel when I am alone, in my yard/garden…. free, happy, joyful :)

I have created a life for myself, within my life…… where I can enjoy my alone time, I crave and I need it.

It is where I feel most at peace, feel freedom, feel content, feel happy, feel joy.

I feel light in my life …….. I have never known before.

I feel Jesus’ presence ~ right beside me and God’s love shining down on me.

free fairy

My gardens and garden friends ~ being such joy to my children :)

I knew my 5 year old, would love the bunny – Flopsy and he has such fun playing with them. He chats away to them, using his imagination and playing so beautifully ❤



This is how I found Flopsy the rabbit, and one of the fairy’s this morning …… talking to each other…… so cute!



Mr wise ol’ Owl ….. and the pretty budgies ……… chillin’ in the fern basket 🙂



Pics from the yard……. things that fill me with gratitude & joy :)


My children’s outdoor craft area, where they delighted in painting again today 🙂


Paintings drying 🙂


Pinky – the Flamingo – has had babies 😉


Mr Fox, hiding and snoozing amongst the flowers 🙂


My hibiscus, I will soon be able to make tea with 🙂

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