Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Always interesting reactions to stating racism, homophobia etc, are linked to psychopath traits & low IQ.

There is so much evidence and research out to confirm racism, homophobia, plus some conservative mindsets, are linked to low IQ and the psychopath continuum traits of lack of empathy, lack of conscience, lack of remorse.

If you express this, the reactions are very indicative of where people are at. The ones with these issues, will defend their right to be racist, be homophobic, be abusive, bullies, basically any way they can. They rationalise, justify, use ridiculous reasons.

People defend their own issues, their disordered thinking, their dysfunction, with all their might and often in ways that are quite bizarre and no insight into that. Often, the greater the disordered thinking, the mightier the fight to defend it.

It makes absolute sense to me that low IQ, low empathy, low conscience etc are significant factors in racism, homophobia and many hard line conservative views. But those who have these issues, will often be outraged at truth behind their issues. Cognitive dissonance prevails, and the person getting too close to the truth so many try so hard to ignore…. is attacked. Continue reading

I don’t want school chaplains telling my children any abusive religious BS either.


Despite being a Christian, I am seriously concerned about school chaplains, especially having known a few, who were of the right wing, hard line, conservative, spiritually abusive mindset.

Whilst I would like Christianity promoted, I also don’t want people abused and especially not children. And too many church people love to use their religious beliefs to harm others, especially LGBTIQ.

I’ve already seen so called Christians concerned about this, and how their ‘beliefs’ about being gay being sin, being complex issue for chaplains to deal with. It’s not a complex issue at all. Jesus spoke very little about being gay and church people including chaplains need to keep very quiet about their views on being gay, supposedly being sin. When in fact there is a great deal of evidence to state that Biblically, no it is not sin. These church people claim not to judge and tell everyone else not to judge, yet judge gay people continually. Hypocrites. Continue reading