Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The legal system/bail system has learned nothing from Daniel Morcombe/Jill Meagher’s deaths.


I despair of the legal system in Australia. And all those involved in it, who condone and enable it.

Deaths, further rapes, sexual abuse, child rape, murder…. all occurring repeatedly, due to the bail system that allows people out on bail, to attack again……. KNOWING they will very likely attack again.

This man is known to be unable to control his raping needs. Yet, he is out on bail. Totally disgusting.

It’s always about sex offender/paedophile/rapists rights, and never about the victims rights, or future victims rights.

Nothing has be learned from Daniel Morcombe’s murder, or Jill Meagher’s murder – or all the many cases where allowing known predators to be out roaming the streets, led to preventable sexual attacks and murder.  Continue reading


Four months jail time, for raping a 9 year old stepdaughter. Gross injustice.


I keep saying, we live an abuser/paedophile/sex offender enabling/protecting society. The legal system is absolutely outrageously pathetic in terms of sentencing those who sexually abuse/violate children.

Four months for raping a 9 year old child. Disgusting.

Thank goodness for advocacy charities like Bravehearts Inc. for tackling these gross injustice’s done to survivors of child sexual violence/abuse.

I cried…. for all past victims & all potential future victims. Brett Peter Cowan had apppeal refused.

Praise God!


There is no way this monster should ever be released. He needs to remain in prison for the rest of his natural life.

I cried – sobbed, when I read this…. for every past victim, including the Morcombe’s and for all future victims that would have been, had this monster been released.

I truly hope and pray this brings some peace to the Morcombe family and all other victims.

Jill Meagher died, because the parole board fucked up, again.


This happens all the time…….. the parole boards, the people who decide whether someone is fit to leave prison, they fuck up all the time…….. and more deaths occur, more rapes occur, more children are abused and killed.

Same happened with Daniel Morcombe’s killer. He was let out of prison with them knowing – even his own psychologist knowing – he would rape and hurt more children, only this time – he killed him too.

These people who let these monsters out of prison, back into society – have the blood of those killed – on their hands.

They are responsible for protecting society and they fuck it up and let people get hurt and die.

And they will have all sorts of excuses and reasons to hide behind.

Plus there’s all the ‘do-gooders’ – who claim these people can be ‘rehabilitated’ – which is BS, waste all this money on them, and believe they ‘might be rehabilitated enough’ – to not be a threat to society.

Plus, there are those who think – while they are in prison – let’s glorify them with art exhibitions, and make them feel special and worthy of all this attention – like my ex-counsellor believes. Fuck how that makes their victims feel.

But, do these people really think about the reality of what these monsters really are, about the victims, about future victims?

No they don’t.

They don’t give a fuck about the victims.

It’s all about the perpetrators rights, needs, lies, manipulation.


Convicted sex offender/paedophile legally allowed to keep surrogate baby.



Well, actually it is believable and a true indication of our sick and unhealthy society – that allows our most vulnerable citizens – children – to be so unsafe.

This is paedophile/sex offender rights – being more important the safety, wellbeing and rights of children.

This is perpetrator protecting/enabling – clearly on display.

This is neglect, abuse and shows how fucked up our society, legal systems are.

This ‘man’ and his wife, abandoned the twin due to downs syndrome. But, at least she is safer.

Paedophiles and repeat sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated – there is more evidence of that now, than any that says they can.

This little girl – legally allowed to remain in the care of a known, convicted sex offender/paedophile – who committed a ‘string of sexual offences (they are just the ones he was caught for) – will be unsafe every day of her life now, until she leaves home.

I hate this fucked up society in which I have to reside.