Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

A blog post that resonates, in many ways. ‘I’m done.’

So much of this blog I relate to. That deeper journey of growth that takes courage to delve into. I see much of what is written in this, I am already at, and some I am still getting to.

Very interesting blog and I am always fascinated by the deeper journey some choose to take and reading about it and what others have come to realise and understand.


People want to justify the darkness within their own souls, but….

People want to justify & enable the darkness in their own souls…. whilst protesting at the darkness in the souls of others…

And think this is healthy.

Sadly, it is not……. it is highly dysfunctional and will mean people stay angry, bitter, unhealthy & dysfunctional all their lives.

Which makes me sad……. as I don’t want that for anyone.

I am taking issue with anything inside me, that is not healthy.

It is an ongoing journey…. I choose to take….. of seeking wisdom, asking for help to illuminate anything that is not healthy and is darkness within myself and being honest about it, and wanting to get rid of it, no matter how much I sometimes want to stamp my feet like a child, and cling on to it.

And it is about that immature ego, that refuses to grow, and see what needs to change.

Maturity……. is about knowing we need to grow….. change…… transform…….. and remove anything that is not healthy, is not goodness and is not light.

Suffering, adversity and the courage required, creates deeper learning, growth and maturity..

I am so thankful my posters I write and share, help, educate and inspire many. I know that due to them being shared thousands of times, they are needed.

It is always my motivation for all I write to help people, and I know it does by the volume of traffic here, my website and social media sites. I don’t write for success, or so people will say nice things about (like most writers). I write about controversial, emotive areas of life, that most prefer to ignore.

I am a true INFP idealist, deeply thinking, deeply caring non egocentric, bigger picture person, who wants the world to be a better place and I know education is needed for this. And I know my work attracts a lot of comments and feedback like ‘you are a trail blazer’, ‘amazing’ etc….but I know it is just ripples, in a big huge world, with billions of people.

And I do see how 327,000 + views here on my blog, the huge traffic through my website and the feedback I get and from whom…is validation of my work.