Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The rain makes the garden even more beautiful =)

I love how the garden and all the plants look after the rain. All the raindrops on the leaves and flowers.

I love all the different flowers, foliage and textures within my garden too. It’s fascinating 🙂

I’ve been playing with the macro feature on my camera too. Makes a difference to just taking snaps on my phone camera.




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Propogating plants, my new gardening passion :)

Gardening has become therapy for me. In so many ways. I love it and it brings me joy. I am currently learning how to propagate plants, so that I can grow my own plants and this will cost less long term. I’ve successfully propagated succulents (so easy), agaves, and other plants.

Geraniums have a special significance for me, due to many holidays in Spain, Greece – where geraniums grow abundantly. I can’t afford to go back to these countries, so I’m bringing a little Spain and Greece into my own garden. Continue reading

Gardening Therapy :)

My gardening is my therapy, my mindfulness, my stress reduction, my joy, my creativity, my inner child healing, my place of safety.

gardening therapy

I’m a firm believer in creativity of some kind, being soothing and healing to the traumatised brain. As are many experts.





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My mindfulness, my enjoyment, my stress reduction, my inner child healing, my escape… my gardens.

Pics from round my gardens, where I spend time every day, pottering around…

I utilise my gardens for many reasons. Including being where I escape to, when my anxiety is raised, my stress levels are up, and children and husband are pushing my buttons.

My gardens and lovely areas to sit and have a cup of tea, help soothe my mind. They give me something creative and positive to do. They create mindfulness in a way I can regularly participate. They help with inner child healing, and are something so pretty to look at.

I love my flowers, my fairy’s, my cute stuff.

A perfectly wonderful and highly adaptive coping strategy, that aids wellbeing, and promotes healing.

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Self care…. some gardening done today, a few new winter pots :)

I have become a fan of gardening…. it is great for self care, mindfulness, something creative, pretty and enjoyable.

Some days I enjoy it and some days I don’t – because that’s the bad days when I feel nothing good.

But, on the days I do gain some pleasure from it, it makes it all worth it.

Today, I planted up a few new winter pots and my little seedlings are coming on well.



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Why ‘buy’ stuff for my inner child, when I can make it.


I love sewing, although only very basic stuff and one type of clothing I do know how to make, is pillow case dresses and tops.

As I was wandering around Spotlight earlier, looking at material to stretch over canvases, I was admiring all the Christmas materials, thinking how beautiful some would be as little girls dresses and suddenly realised, I can ‘make’ dresses for my inner child.

I picked some beautiful material and some co-ordinating ribbon and will make a pretty dress for Christmas for my inner little girl.

This will incorporate some mindfulness, as I have to really concentrate when sewing, creativity and inner child healing, all at the same time.