Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Psychopathy is the the No1 Health Crisis. As per an expert in Public Pathology Education.

The reason psychopaths, narcissists & sociopaths are the No1 health crisis, are because they destroy millions of lives.

60 million victims in just the US alone, are being harmed by psychopaths.

Lack of conscience, lack of remorse, lack of empathy are prevalent in all these highly abusive types.

And they do destroy lives.

Dr Robert Hare – the leading psychopath expert, even admits how many times he himself has been fooled by psychopaths.


Just shows how if the leading experts admit they are fooled, just how many counsellors and mental health professionals will be fooled. As well as all the victims.

These people hide well amongst us, as per Dr Robert Hare.

All narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths are predators. What they do, is not by accident. It is intentional and they target people.

Are some who defend abusive disordered people, in fact abusive disordered people themselves?

People make excuses for abusive people for a variety of reasons… which I have blogged about previously.

Now I am starting to see that some might be defending abusive people – like narcissists, sociopaths, because maybe they know deep down, they have the traits too.

Disordered people often don’t want to admit that is what they are – especially when those disordered traits are abusive and wrong.

Maybe some of the people defending abusive disordered people – subconsciously recognise the traits within themselves – and so immediately go on the defensive and defend abusive people……… which is actually not about having compassion for others….. it is about protecting their own selves and their own issues, so they don’t have to have self honesty and delve within, into their own darkness.

It’s easier to believe they are a decent person, rather than accept their own narcissism, their own sociopathic traits etc……. if you can make excuses for them, in others.

And of course, it is easy to then label this behaviour with the delusion, of ‘compassion’.