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Typical paedophile attitude. They don’t believe child sexual abuse, is wrong, or a criminal act.


This confirms my suspicions about the child sexual abuse being condoned and enabled for years at St. Pauls School and Brisbane Grammar School.

Paedophile rings, are how it is able to be continued. And these rings are more common than is realised.

To say you did not know fondling a child’s genitals, is a criminal act, is typical of the type of attitude and thinking, paedophiles have. They don’t believe what they do is wrong, or illegal.

And this man is a head teacher of a school. They would know any form of child sexual abuse, is illegal. Continue reading

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When an apology, is not an apology at all. Brisbane Grammar School – Royal Commission.


Just saw this on the news. Someone who failed many boys at this school, enabling a paedophile to abuse many boys, knowing it was occurring and kept the paedophile on staff…..stated at the Royal Commission…

“If an apology will make them feel better, then I apologise”.

This is not a genuine apology. If is a forced apology, with no genuine intent. It is a ‘I have to apologise, because I am being made to’ – fake apology.

There was no apology prior to being forced to confront this by the Royal Commission. Prior to this, the boys abused, have never received an apology, or any acknowledgement of their pain and suffering and the failure of those who were meant to protect them.

Shame on every single person who has ever failed to protect children, knowing they are being abused in this most horrific way. Destroying lives, some destroyed to the extent it leads to suicides. Others having the entire lives so severely affected.

Shame on every single school, church, children’s/youth organisation etc – who choose to consider their image and reputation – as a greater need, than the safety of our most vulnerable in society.

And yes, they do need to feel shame. Because what they have done, is disgusting and has led to such deep suffering. Continue reading


A paedophile, protesting his innocence, despite taking a guilty plea, much evidence to show his guilt & failing a lie detector.

**Trigger warning.

Watching Dr. Phil and a grandfather who was accused of touching his grandson’s genitals for sexual gratification, and took a guilty plea, registered as a sex offender etc….. still claiming he is innocent. And his wife supporting him, claiming she ‘knows’ he is innocent.

The grandfather got nasty about his daughter – the mother of the victim. Even going as far as to say his daughter was responsible for the death of her husband who had died. Disgusting, sociopathic, nasty, defensive behaviour, about his own daughter. Dr. Phil pointed out clearly he had reviewed the case about the daughter’s husband and in no way was she involved. And told him what he thought about this attack on his daughter and how nasty, malicious and mean this was.

This predator kept on claiming his innocence, his wife kept on defending him, even though in the plea he admitted to two counts of sexual abuse against his 5 year old grandson. Choosing her husband, over her daughter and grandson. A forensic psychologist stated he reviewed the grandson’s video where he confirmed to police the abuse he endured in great detail and throughout the little boy sustained the details and there was no way he could have been coached to make false allegations.

The lie detector test was done and he failed it, on both questions.

Yet, he still kept claiming his innocence. Continue reading

Paedophiles & Child Sex Offenders could face life in prison in NSW Australia …. good. I agree with this.

Read more at http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/paedophiles-maximum-penalty/#HMdBXizeaZfUmxMu.99

Child sex offenders in NSW face life imprisonment under tougher new laws.

Previously, the maximum sentence for sexual intercourse with a child under 10 was 25 years — but last night, NSW Parliament passed legislation increasing the maximum sentence to life.

The move honours a NSW government election promise.

“These are the worst crimes against the most vulnerable in our community, our children, our young people and too often sentences handed down don’t align with community expectation,” NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton said earlier this year of the amendment.

AAP reports other child sex offences have also been included in the Standard Non-Parole Period scheme, which provides judiciary guidance with sentencing.

“(I)t sends a very clear message that the sentences that should guide judges when they are making decisions, are longer sentences,” Upton told ABC News.

“That’s responding to community expectation, that people who violate children, our most vulnerable members of our community should be punished and punished harshly.”

The President of Adults Suriviving Child Abuse welcomes the news laws.

“For too long the crime of child sexual abuse has been minimised, both in public perception and in criminal justice responses,” Dr Cathy Kezelman told Mamamia.

“Custodial sentences for convicted sex offenders need to reflect the seriousness of the crime and the harm it reaps on victims, their families and our communities. Many victims have a life sentence, especially when they are unable to access and afford the help they need to recover, as sadly is often the case.” Continue reading

Breaking news…. the Catholic Church will have inhouse investigations of paedophile priests & enablers. Nope, not okay Pope Francis.



I had high hopes for Pope Francis, I really wanted him to be someone who dealt with truth and reality and wisdom.

He has failed on two areas already….

1. He supports physical abuse to children (physical discipline) and calls it ‘beautiful’.

2. He now wants in-house investigations into paedophile priests & their enablers. Not good enough. the police should be immediately notified as crime should. Continue reading

I cried…. for all past victims & all potential future victims. Brett Peter Cowan had apppeal refused.

Praise God!


There is no way this monster should ever be released. He needs to remain in prison for the rest of his natural life.

I cried – sobbed, when I read this…. for every past victim, including the Morcombe’s and for all future victims that would have been, had this monster been released.

I truly hope and pray this brings some peace to the Morcombe family and all other victims.

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This news about Baby Gammy’s paedophile father, does not surprise me, at all.


So the convicted paedophile, who abandoned his son, wants access to funds set up to care for him. Doesn’t surprise me, at all.

Many paedophiles have psychopathic/narcissistic traits….. exploitative, no empathy, no remorse, no guilt, no conscience, entitlement, criminal behaviour. Sexual contact with a child, is always criminal as well and intentional abuse and completely immoral.

I think it is disgusting that the twin sister was allowed to remain in this paedophile’s care.. it is massive neglect on the part of those involved. The do-gooders and paedophile sympathisers/enablers.

Now, he is showing more of his true colours, wanting money that is not his, and was intended to care for his son that he chose to abandon because he has down syndrome and did not fulfil his paedophile child fantasy. Continue reading

Cardinal Pell – Australia’s worst organised religion paedophile enabler, protector?

I’ve known for some time, Cardinal Pell has many psychopath traits – no empathy, no remorse, no understanding of ‘right from wrong’… has harmed many victims of clergy abuse……. and has no guilt in doing so.



Yes, many will want to say ‘look at all the good Pell has done’. Sure, if you want to believe that lie and deceive yourself with that, go for it.

Anyone who so willingly and knowingly enable, protect and shelter paedophile’s and harm so many victims of their abuse and know many more victims will occur …… in the name of God, absolutely does not know God. Continue reading

Society should understand the ‘real’ mind of paedophiles. They are proud of it.


This former teacher, is proud of being a paedophile. He thinks it is okay and should be legal.

Sure some paedophiles will tell you they don’t all think this way, well do you really believe them? A mind this sick and you want to believe they are not manipulating and grooming adults too, to believe their lies?

This article shows how they really think. Continue reading

I truly hope Daniel Morcombe’s killer, does not get let out.

I knew this would continue…. the appeals for this ‘man’ to be released from jail.

He is not rehabilitated, and he has already severely sexually abused many children, left one young child for dead, and killed Daniel Morcombe and has NO remorse.

He is a opportunistic predator, with no remorse, no conscience, no empathy, no guilt.

If he gets let out – he will very likely do it again. He is a severe threat to society and to children. And knowing how badly the legal system already fails at keeping predators locked up, I have a horrible feeling Cowan will be let out. Continue reading