Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I am discerning as to whom I invite into my personal space.


I have learned, I can care about people, and even love them……..but not need to have them in my life.

There are many mental health issues people have that so self serving, entitled and delusional, or living in illusions….and their vibes are unhealthy and not good for me.

I always picture me in my safe place……my home.

And who I would invite in to my table for dinner and who I wouldn’t?

Inviting someone into my safe place ~ home ~ is an intimate personal action, that requires some level of trust..now. Those few who are invited in, are those I have some level of trust in them being decent people.

Those who aren’t….or have issues that affect my healing, my soul, my heart……..don’t get invited in and I can just let them keep walking past my front gate/door. I have no ill feelings, no negative emotions, I do wish them only good things, people are people……but I do have an awareness of being discerning as to who I allow into my personal space….now.

I am an introvert. I am quite shy at heart. I struggle with anxiety, although less than before. I no longer want to try to be an extrovert ~ as I have strived to be, all my life.

I need my space and my space is sacred.

My ‘space’ has been assaulted, invaded, disrespected, brutalised and too much darkness has invaded it, in the past.

I don’t intend to allow that to happen anymore.

I need people in my life, who hold the same types of values and virtues I hold.

I can care and love people, for who they are…….but at a needed distance, that respects myself.