Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Poem – Unrequited Love. Hurts ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

unrequited love hurts

I dream of you often

At night

In the day.


My love for you,

Not reciprocated

I know and feel

This all too well.


But my love is not

Dependent on yours

As true love never is.


I want what I cannot have

It hurts my heart.

Tears fall.


You cannot be

What I want you to be.

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Poem ~ Yes, My Eyes Seem Distant ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Yes, my eyes seem distant

I am no longer present

I have gone away

To my safe place


A place of love and integrity

Where I smile and laugh freely

Where my soul is nourished

Where I am accepted


Where I am held


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Poetry, for trauma survivors, is a deeply personal expression, of words that can often not be spoken.

I write poetry sometimes. I have nearly always has a good reaction when I’ve shared it, but sometimes people choose to criticise, choose to demean it.

Which is simply a reflection of their own issues.

I will keep writing, as I need to for me, and I know it does help others.

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Poem – Solitary Bird

Poem – Solitary Bird


Strange solitary bird

Always was, will always be

Flying alone

Flying free

Surviving all weathers

Storms, gales & rain

Surviving chaos

Time and again.

No escaping their weathers

Forever unrelenting

Challenging painful climates

Never seem to be ending

Needing to seek safety

By staying alone

Seeking refuge within

Little world of her own

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Poem – Please don’t leave me, I’m begging you ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Poem……. Please don’t leave me, I’m begging you ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

sadness eye

Please don’t leave me

I’m begging you


Please, please forgive me

For all I have done wrong

All I said wrong

For saying you hurt me

I will be compliant

Please forgive me


I will try to be

What you want


I will try to do

What you want


I will try to say

What you want


Please don’t leave me

I’m begging you


I will let you hurt me

And be what you want

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Poem – Jesus, Alone

I wrote this poem while I was away..


Poem – Jesus, Alone

A lifetime of fearing alone

Now no longer lonely

Peace and tranquillity

In isolation and withdrawal


Always so scared

Of Being Alone

Now cherished and valued

Strength within solitude


Learning to cherish, enjoy

The beautiful freedom, of alone

Not needing people, only Jesus

Growth, maturity and healing


Peace is not found in other people

It is only found in the depths explored

Of one’s own inner soul

In the presence and peace giving gift


Of Jesus, alone.


Poem ~ Funereal Sea




Blankly staring


Sombre sea

Mournful horizon

Gloomy future




Yearned needs









I watch them drown


Beyond my grasp

Sinking down

Into murky darkness

Until I see them

No more


Funereal sea


All I ever wanted.





Poem – You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Poem – You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Is this my life

Trapped, until I die?

No peace, no love

But many lies


Is this my lot

This lonely, dark pit?

Yes, you made your bed

Now lie in it


But I need love

Security and trust

Tough, this is it

Accept it, you must


Tip toe around

Don’t voice your needs

Think of everyone else

Only their needs, to feed


But my needs never mattered

And they don’t, still?

No, you made your choices

It was your free will


But, I’ve only recently

Processed it all

I was harming myself

Still am, I bawl


Tough luck, too late

Choices were made

You will have to suffer

Alone, unloved, afraid


You worked it out too late

Your fate is sealed

Continued harm

Abusers’ internalised yield


So, I have no choice

I sob, this is it?

Yes, you made your bed

And you WILL lie in it.


~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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