Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The Australian police are terrorist targets. Not good news when married to a cop.

A police worker has been murdered by a 15 year old radicalised terrorist. I feel deep compassion for the family of the murdered man, and the police involved in this murder and the subsequent need to kill the teenager. I also feel compassion for this boy. To have your mind twisted so young and be given a gun and be encouraged to murder a police worker, is terrible.

These extremists are evil to twist the mind of a teenager in this way. I don’t know if his family are involved. If not, then I feel such compassion for them too. They have to live with knowing their son murdered this police worker. They will no doubt receive such hate, due to this now.

All police are on high alert, as there is info this is something on the terrorists agenda – to murder police and more than one.

Police already do a dangerous job – facing career criminals, people armed, Ice/drug addicts, cop haters, people with mental illness that causes them to be dangerous etc.

Now, they face actual terrorism occurring, and it is no longer a ‘threat’. It is occurring. Continue reading

A plan to help domestic violence survivors & help raise a positive profile of local police…

Where I live, the media has unfairly reported the (all) police don’t do as much as they can to help DV survivors, resulting in deaths. Of course this is an overgeneralisation of police. The police are constrained within the limitations of current legislation and resources available. It is that needing changing far more, than concern about police attitudes to DV.

So, I have been wanting to add to my homeless collections/donations of non perishable goods, and include domestic violence survivors. To help in the ways I am capable.

I am understanding of just how difficult it can be to leave a DV relationship and face all the many challenges and how hard it can be with children involved. The legal system is a nightmare, victims are often blamed/shamed, resources are limited, support can be scarce. Especially in this increasing society view of ‘minding your own business’ = only care about yourself and your own needs, lack of community and people not wanting to help others, lack of compassion.

I had an idea, of setting up a donations box at my husbands police station and co-ordinating with a local domestic violence shelter, to donate the items collected at regular intervals. Continue reading