Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Brainwashing and how common it is. As per neuroscience and psychology.


This is probably a book any person who is involved in religion should read. I also see how this could extend to all the New Age/pseudoscience followers too.

I see clearly how so many religious/new age people are brainwashed and don’t employ rational thinking.  I see it everywhere.

I am not a sheep and prefer rational thinking and dealing with reality. I choose not to be conned and manipulated and just follow along with anything that does not seem okay. Even though that would be the easier path. And having grown up around master manipulators, I’ve learned how to spot them, their traits and trust and consider my intuition.

I feel sad for people who get brainwashed, but I feel even more sad for those they harm. And of course, it is only those Continue reading

People who ‘cherry pick’ beliefs….and what this shows to me…

I have come to realise………that when people ‘cherry pick’ what they wish to accept and what they wish to believe in…

I am seeing a person who wants to take the easy and comfortable path of least resistance, least self reflection, least inner challenge.

I see this within church people…….they cherry pick from the Bible, what they choose to believe, what ‘fit’s’ with their own needs. And they choose to ignore the rest, or do gymnastics around verses that don’t ‘fit’.

Very spiritually immature.

I also see this with people who ‘cherry pick’ from a variety of religions…..“only’ what feels easy, comfortable, justifies their own needs, rationalises their own thinking and behaviours……..regardless of whether healthy or not.

‘Cherry picking’…….is the path of ease and comfort, of least self challenge, and does not show a soul that is wise, or that thinks deeply, or that is able to confront what doesn’t feel ‘nice’….


And is a soul that is very spiritually unwise, immature and lacking in spiritual development and yet their ego will choose to believe they are wise.

And it always a relief to me, to have this validated, as correct.

And whilst I see this all so clearly, I still wish to love people who are at this stage in their own journey.

I want to meet people where they are at….

and love them fully….

where they are at.

A dear friend replied to this post on my personal Facebook page….”but I love cherries!!”.

And I agreed, cherries are good…….but we need to taste the bad ones……as well as the good ones.


People are bizarre…..in what they will believe, to justify their own issues, rather than look within.

It really is quite bizarre to me….that so many grown adults…..cannot clearly see that all extremists (Muslim, Christian etc)…..are only ‘using’ religion as an ‘excuse’ for hatred and to justify carrying our their dark needs.

It isn’t about religion at all………..it is about mental health and being deceived.

People will use anything they can to justify their own issues, rather than face them.

People will be completely absurd and rationalise anything they want, rather than look within.

Humans, are very easily deceived by their own desires and unhealthy needs….I see it everywhere.

I see it within church people. They choose to abuse parts of the Bible……..and forget to look at what Jesus modelled. They cherry pick verses and interpret at their own will – what they want. Anything can be twisted to suit what a person/group wants to believe…..and humans are very adept at this.

Mental health, is a very interesting issues…………I see poor mental health…..everywhere…..along with the lack of capacity most people have for self insight and to be honest about what is within.

The most courageous and brave thing I have ever done……….is not surviving all the severe abuse I have endured, as many would assume……..but taking that honest journey within.

Climate Change……Gonna listen to the Pope – Tony Abbott, Cardinal Pell????

It gets better and better………..I just love Pope Francis……he really does have balls, maturity, wisdom….

And his beliefs are completely the opposite of the pathological liar, psychopathic Aussie PM – Tony Abbott – who himself claims to be a Catholic…………and also the opposite of the beliefs of Cardinal (protect all paedophile priests) Pell….the former Aussie Catholic Head guy.


“Pope to issue 2015 edict on climate change guaranteed to anger deniers”

I am definitely a free spirit – totally wise to society’s immature conformity issues & religious abuse/rules.


I am definitely a free spirit……I refuse to conform to society’s immature conventions…or religious people’s abuse and rules…

I am not a mindless sheep.
And all my I have been defined by others as kooky, quirky, special, endearing, odd, different, weird, freak, not a good enough Christian….
Now, I realise that was all such a compliment and due to my inner wisdom and inner strength to see past all the immature BS and know I do not need to be a part of anything that offends and disrespects my wise old soul.

The only person I answer to, is Jesus.