Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

How to deal with the guilt, of letting someone down.

I know I have held onto guilt for things I have done wrong, where I have let people down. I’m someone who will readily apologise, and I have so often apologised for what is not my responsibility.  But that is due to child abuse.

This was a post I wrote for my page, to let people know, none of us are perfect, we all let people down unintentionally, but it’s how we deal with it, that matters.

How to deal with the guilt of knowing we have let someone down.

We all let someone down at some point, no-one is perfect, and the fact that we didn’t intend to, and we do have remorse – is the important part.

I’ve let people down and not been perfect, and I’m still not perfect. I mess up, just like everyone can and does.

When I know I have let someone down, I will apologise and ask how I can sort it out, how I can make it right.

I don’t have that ‘tough luck’ attitude, because that is wrong.

Then, once I have done all that I can to make it right, the important part is letting go of any guilt, because we can’t hold on to that forever.

If the person won’t accept our apology or our offering to sort it out and make it right, then we are not responsible for that. We can’t make them accept our genuine apology.

And we also need to do what we can, to make sure, we don’t repeat that same issue, as this is part of having genuine remorse.

All these human interactions, are things I did not learn growing up, because my family of origin are so abusive and dysfunctional,.

So I had to learn them as an adult.

And this is why I am sharing this…… because I know so many people suffer with these intense emotions and feelings of guilt and shame and don’t know how to manage them.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario ❤

Absolute honesty, about how 2 years ago, I was spreading an irresponsible message, about PTSD.

This is my post to my page today……. and it is my hope it will inspire people to not only know there is healing that can be attained, but also that being honest about self, is needed.

I have the capacity to be very honest about myself, and own it when I fuck up and I will be very honest and up front about it.

Takes courage and humility, and I hope to show how this is needed.

I used to send a dangerous, irresponsible message about PTSD ~ as I see others are doing….

People who claim healing and recovering from severe PTSD, is not possible ……. send a terrible, irresponsible and incorrect message.

All they are doing is projecting their own stage of their journey ….. not looking at where others are at.

And they are hoping everyone else will agree….. to validate where they are at.

This is a dangerous message, and should not be a message anyone is spreading, at all.

PTSD is not completely curable ……

BUT …… it can be managed better over time and the symptoms reduced, and there is healing possible over time ……

With the right knowledge, the persistence to do all the coping strategies, and the desire to heal ……. and the willingness to actually do all this.

And the reason I know these dangerous messages are wrong, is because this is where I was at 2 years ago….

And 2 years ago …… ‘I’ was sending a terrible, irresponsible and incorrect message, which I actually deeply regret.

Only now ….. am I actually in a healthy enough position, to be a positive voice about PTSD.

Well this post was well received by most people, but there were a few page admins who were very pissed off that I wrote this.

And that led to poor behaviours, accusations, and needing to be banning of people on my page.


It is very clear that the more healthy I become, the more shit I get from unhealthy people.

It is also amazing that whenever I write these very honest posts, about where I have screwed up…….. other people can take them really badly and react really badly….

And I know why. It’s because they only want their dysfunction validated….. and anything that takes people to close to the truth about self……. causes them to act very badly. All narcissism.

But, the main thing is…….. most people really appreciated it and MH professionals were liking the post and agreeing and ‘that’ matters far more.