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When an apology, is not an apology at all. Brisbane Grammar School – Royal Commission.


Just saw this on the news. Someone who failed many boys at this school, enabling a paedophile to abuse many boys, knowing it was occurring and kept the paedophile on staff…..stated at the Royal Commission…

“If an apology will make them feel better, then I apologise”.

This is not a genuine apology. If is a forced apology, with no genuine intent. It is a ‘I have to apologise, because I am being made to’ – fake apology.

There was no apology prior to being forced to confront this by the Royal Commission. Prior to this, the boys abused, have never received an apology, or any acknowledgement of their pain and suffering and the failure of those who were meant to protect them.

Shame on every single person who has ever failed to protect children, knowing they are being abused in this most horrific way. Destroying lives, some destroyed to the extent it leads to suicides. Others having the entire lives so severely affected.

Shame on every single school, church, children’s/youth organisation etc – who choose to consider their image and reputation – as a greater need, than the safety of our most vulnerable in society.

And yes, they do need to feel shame. Because what they have done, is disgusting and has led to such deep suffering. Continue reading

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Another example of religious abuse, including child sexual abuse, incest, physical abuse being covered up/condoned/enabled.

Praise God for the Royal Commission.

Again another religious organisation being exposed for the all too frequent abuse that goes on.

And this is common throughout religion, not just JW’s.

The Royal Commission has exposed abuse occurring throughout nearly all denominations.


‘‘Ministerial servant’ held in high regard by congregation while assaulting daughters.

While the rest of the Jehovah’s Witness branch held her father in high regard as a “ministerial servant”, he was flogging her at home until she bled and had sex with her and three of her sisters, the commission was told.

His second eldest daughter, now aged 47, said that when she tried to kill herself over the abuse, she was chastised by the church because it was seen as being a sin against Jehovah – while her father was stood down for some time but then accepted back with open arms by the congregation.

During one meeting with church elders, the woman said her father accused her of seducing him.” Continue reading

I feel very honoured, that someone who has a private session with the Royal Commission, would reach out to me.

A very brave and courageous survivor has reached out to me, to let me know my posts provide comfort for her and to let me know she has a private session with the Royal Commission today.

I feel emotional that someone would reach out to me, and share this with me, knowing I will support her and be of comfort in this time of emotional turmoil, anxiety and to get through something that is so emotional. Continue reading

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How the fuck did this paedophile enabler end up a ‘Bishop’???


The retired Rockhampton bishop allowed a priest to stay on at a parish even though he knew he was a paedophile, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard.

Bishop Brian Heenan also admitted at one point he tried to protect the reputation of the Catholic Church rather than consider the victims of sexual abuse.

Bishop Heenan was cross-examined over the Church’s responses to the abuse allegations at St Joseph’s Orphanage at Neerkol, west of Rockhampton, from the 1940s to the 1970s.

He allowed one of the main offenders, Father Reg Durham, to continue working for the Catholic Church for three years despite a woman alleging in 1994 he sexually abused her since she was a child.

The church’s reputation is always paramount. And they are sick bastards.

These abusers get promoted…. they get encouraged and enabled. Why? Because they don’t worship Jesus, they worship Satan. Continue reading

The Royal Commission continues to expose the depravity of many so called ‘Christians’.


I mostly stay away from the Royal Commission – purely because it upsets me so greatly. But, I am so thankful for this commission, because it is giving many survivors of institutional child abuse, the opportunity for the truth to be exposed and dealt with.

Much of what comes from the RC, is about abuse by ‘Christians’. Throughout all the denominations. Far too many Church people – seem to love child abuse and condone and encourage it. And they justify it by twisting Bible verses and acting like God is a sociopath/psychopath who wants people, including children, to suffer. And they love victim blaming/shaming too.

Christianity is rife with abuse….. child abuse, domestic violence, spiritual abuse. And anyone who chooses to believe otherwise, is swallowing lies and choosing denial. It’s ‘nice’ there, in denial.

Many Church people are groomed for abuse from a young age. And sadly, far too many enjoy it, avoid it, ignore it, condone it, justify it, rationalise it.

You can tell how many of them don’t want to deal with how rampant abuse is within so many churches, because they criticise the Royal Commission, demanding it as being ‘terrible’ and unnecessary, and then shame victims for ‘daring’ to speak up.

Continue reading

Does Brian Houston really think he is fooling wise people? Obviously another complete corrupt cover up.


A Mega Church filled with people listening to wolves in sheep’s clothing and their evil perpetrator protecting abuse.

Numbers of followers – does not indicate the spiritual health of a church….although their ego’s will want to believe differently.

Who are these all these abusive churches led by?

Well I can tell you now….it isn’t Jesus.

And in all of this……….who cared about the victims?

No-one….until the RC forced many of the them to reveal all their dirty, sinful, evil secrets.

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston told a royal commission that there may be more victims of his paedophile father Frank Houston who have yet to come forward.

In his final day of evidence, the evangelical preacher told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse of learning the extent of his father’s alleged predatory acts in the 1960s and 1970s.

He told the commission he first became aware of allegations of abuse in 1999 but learned in 2000 there were further claims involving six boys in New Zealand.

Never charged: Frank Houston .

When asked by counsel assisting, Simeon Beckett, whether he accepted that Frank Houston had abused other children, Brian Houston responded: “We probably don’t know how many. We may never know how far it went.”

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