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The aftermath of Bill Cosby rape allegations – exact proof of rape culture & victim blaming/shaming.

The 2005 court documents about Bill Cosby’s deliberate and intentional drugging of women to rape them (sex without consent is rape)…. have been released. And it’s no surprise to me that he is indeed a rapist. It is argued he one of the worst serial rapists known to humanity. Certainly one of the worst serial celebrity rapists.

His admission that he intentionally bought drugs and used them to intentionally drug women to have ‘sex’ (rape), is proof enough of validation of every single victim who came forward and reported/spoke up about how Bill Cosby drugged them.

This article is excellent on explaining/highlighting rape culture, victims blaming, and victim shaming.


We should not need a confession from a rapist to believe victims.

The victims have been further traumatised by society, by all those who shamed and blamed them, or called them liars.

Rape culture is alive and kicking and until this is highlighted and fought against more…… and people stop making excuses for predators… it will continue. Continue reading


Perfect example of victim blaming by religious people “Catholic Church’s comments about Jill Meagher”


Someone needs to tell all these religious ‘abuser enablers’ to SHUT UP.

It is unbelievable to me, how many of them victim blame/shame. And how many go along with it, like sheep.

To blame Jill Meagher for what happened to her – being raped and murdered – completely takes away the 100% responsibility of the murderer/rapist’s actions and choices and the responsibility of those let him out of prison on bail, ‘knowing’ he would likely attack again – therefore, failing to protect society.

I totally agree that we need to be careful – but that in NO way means that when a predator attacks someone, that the blame should be given to the victim.

Religious people can be the most fucked up people of all when it comes to abusers, and abuse.

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Why is society so desperate to ignore Bill Cosby’s rape allegations…….lack of empathy & selfishness…

Ignoring Cosby’s accusers meant that we got to keep our happy childhood memories of the Cosby Show

These allegations are not new. Although more women have come forward publicly in recent weeks, the rape allegations against Cosby have been public knowledge for nearly a decade, since Andrea Constand filed a 2005 lawsuit alleging that Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted her.

Thirteen other women were willing to testify in support of Constand’s suit, and tell their own stories of mistreatment by Cosby. And so, from the very beginning, this has not been Cosby’s word against his alleged victim’s, but rather his word against his alleged victim’s, plus another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s, and another alleged victim’s.

But the women’s allegations never became major news. Cosby settled the suit, and no one talked about it much in the decade that followed. He remained a member in good standing of American public life. He spoke to audiences across the country about the importance of morality and good behavior, particularly among African Americans. He landed a Netflix special and a new NBC series, although the series has been dropped and the special “postponed” amid this week’s news.

Our fear of believing the victims

When the allegations re-surfaced this month, Cosby seemed to expect that they would be ignored once again. When NPR asked about them during an interview, Cosby fell silent and shook his head. Shortly thereafter, his lawyer released a terse statement saying that the women’s claims were “decade-old, discredited allegations” and that Cosby would not be commenting further. (The silence from the Cosby camp didn’t last long — his attorney has since released a statement calling Dickinson’s claims “a complete lie.”) It seems that this story is here to stay. But why did it take so long to become news?

Believing or even paying attention to the allegations against Cosby would have required us all to do work and make sacrifices, and we didn’t want to do that. Ignoring his accusers meant that we got to keep our happy childhood memories of the Cosby Show. Ignoring his accusers meant that we got to keep laughing at Cosby’s classic standup routines, which still hold up, even after all those years.  Ignoring his accusers meant that we got to keep Cosby as a powerful cultural figure.

Believing the accusers, or just entertaining the thought that they could be telling the truth, meant that we would have to come to terms with the knowledge that someone we accepted into our lives, someone whose art we loved, had the capacity to commit this evil act, over and over. We didn’t want to do that. So, for a long time, we didn’t — until comedian Hannibal Buress made the decision to come at the king, and did not miss. Continue reading