Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Why do so many people believe the abusers lies???

Abusive people will often lie about their victims & others believe them……why?

Abusive people will often stop at nothing to make sure they are seen to be the ‘nice’ person and not have to admit what they have done. They will protect their own real selves from being exposed, any way they can.

Once they want to discard their victim….or the victim realises what is going on…… the victim will be made to look like the ‘crazy’, ‘lying’, ‘abusive’ one. Often this is referred to as the ‘smear campaign’.

People will be duped by this and not want to see the manipulation, often because they are invested in this abuser themselves.

Or they have something to lose by accepting that this person has in fact, abused someone else.

And some actually won’t care that this person has abused someone else. Some people have no conscience, no empathy and have a ‘well they haven’t done anything bad to me’ attitude.

Some will choose not to believe anything they haven’t personally witnessed, no matter what they are told, or even how much evidence they have been shown.

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