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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Someone is trying to hack my Twitter accounts and email.

Within the last week, I have had notifications from Twitter (over 20), about both of my Twitter accounts having attempted hacking. Then had notifications about my personal email being attempted to be accessed and how to deal with this.

I’ve needed to change my passwords for all. And I will continue to keep changing my passwords frequently.

It is clearly a personal attack (as it is my personal email address, which only those who know me, would know) and with malicious reasons, for wanting to hack my accounts. I wonder what they intend doing if they were successful in hacking my accounts?

There are not many who know my personal email. So, it is easier to work out who it may be. Continue reading


Interestingly, the worst bullying and harassment I have had on social media, has been from ex military.

Firstly, I will state that many ex military are wonderful people. In no way, am I generalising all ex military, or current military as the same.

The worst bullying and harassment on social media, has been from ex military. And I see why. The military attracts and develops some people into beings with little conscience, little empathy and an ability to destroy people – with no remorse, with the ‘reason’ of protecting their country. It gives them the belief that this psychopathic behaviour, is okay. The military develop and grow people into fighting machines, with pack mentality, where retaliation and revenge are part of the job. They are taught/forced to suppress all emotions, all sense of conscience, all sense of remorse. All the hallmarks of highly disordered/unhealthy people. And the better the psychopath they become, the more they are hailed as being a military success.

I’ve read so many articles on the internet about how the military has higher than average levels of narcissists /sociopaths/ psychopaths and it’s easy to see why. And how many will be further up that continuum than average.

Plus you only have to read the appalling statistics on sexual violence perpetrated within the military, to see what goes on even within their own comrades. Quote “Last year, soldiers were 15 times more likely to be raped by a comrade then killed by an enemy.” http://mic.com/articles/72503/pentagon-releases-startling-new-statistics-on-military-sexual-assault. Again behaviour by people with no empathy, no conscience, no remorse. And willing to harm others, easily. More facts about sexual violence/abuse perpetuated by military @ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/soraya-chemaly/military-sexual-assault-facts_b_4281704.html.

And even the ‘fight’ trauma response in itself, is narcissistic. See http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!about1/c2bg

I think the military destroys many people.

My husband works with a few fellow cops, who were ex military and they have confirmed how higher levels of violence, bullying, and nasty behaviour does go on, how many have a ‘chip on their shoulder’ and they have seen this for themselves. How they treat their families badly and feel so entitled in their actions.

It makes sense to me how this occurs, when you consider the type of training and combat training they endure. And the psychological implications of this. Continue reading

Psychopathy is the the No1 Health Crisis. As per an expert in Public Pathology Education.

The reason psychopaths, narcissists & sociopaths are the No1 health crisis, are because they destroy millions of lives.

60 million victims in just the US alone, are being harmed by psychopaths.

Lack of conscience, lack of remorse, lack of empathy are prevalent in all these highly abusive types.

And they do destroy lives.

Dr Robert Hare – the leading psychopath expert, even admits how many times he himself has been fooled by psychopaths.


Just shows how if the leading experts admit they are fooled, just how many counsellors and mental health professionals will be fooled. As well as all the victims.

These people hide well amongst us, as per Dr Robert Hare.

All narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths are predators. What they do, is not by accident. It is intentional and they target people.

So glad I worked out how I can choose which comments can be seen. Keep the trolls, away.

I have trolls and nasty people come visit my social media pages and this blog. They used to bother me, but I have completely got to the point of knowing their issues – are all about them and nothing to do with me.

Trolls, nasty, narcissistic, sociopathic, angry, manipulative people love social media and somewhere to vent and project their darkness. Only way to deal with trolls…….. is not to feed them. You can’t reason with them, as they are disordered and dysfunctional people, and you can’t reason with that.


Just had one today here on this blog…… and I have not approved the comment and instead ‘trashed’ it and hope this mean, angry person just goes away, as they always do when you pay no attention to them.

I accept that putting myself on social media and this blog – will sadly attract trolls, narcissists, sociopaths and angry manipulative people looking for somewhere to vent and project. Continue reading

Jill Meagher died, because the parole board fucked up, again.


This happens all the time…….. the parole boards, the people who decide whether someone is fit to leave prison, they fuck up all the time…….. and more deaths occur, more rapes occur, more children are abused and killed.

Same happened with Daniel Morcombe’s killer. He was let out of prison with them knowing – even his own psychologist knowing – he would rape and hurt more children, only this time – he killed him too.

These people who let these monsters out of prison, back into society – have the blood of those killed – on their hands.

They are responsible for protecting society and they fuck it up and let people get hurt and die.

And they will have all sorts of excuses and reasons to hide behind.

Plus there’s all the ‘do-gooders’ – who claim these people can be ‘rehabilitated’ – which is BS, waste all this money on them, and believe they ‘might be rehabilitated enough’ – to not be a threat to society.

Plus, there are those who think – while they are in prison – let’s glorify them with art exhibitions, and make them feel special and worthy of all this attention – like my ex-counsellor believes. Fuck how that makes their victims feel.

But, do these people really think about the reality of what these monsters really are, about the victims, about future victims?

No they don’t.

They don’t give a fuck about the victims.

It’s all about the perpetrators rights, needs, lies, manipulation.


Dr Phil “Internet trolls are sick, demented & evil people”. I agree.

I am always glad when some mental health professionals are willing to say it as it really is. Internet trolls, are something Dr Phil’s states he hates.

I’ve been trolled over the last 2 years, by sociopaths, paedophiles – been told to go kill myself, had hater pages set up about me, and had continual abuse from very unhealthy people and I am tired of it. One of several reasons I am no longer running my Facebook community page.

There are deep psychological reasons why people becomes trolls, but they still know what they are doing is wrong….. because they do it under fake and anonymous profiles.

And the harm they cause is terrible, far too often resulting in suicide, severe depression etc.

Online abuse, trolling, is severe abuse……. not just ‘bullying’ which really minimizes what it really is.

Continue reading

A friend of mine, knew one of these disgusting human trafficking individuals..

29 arrests in online human trafficking sting…..

A friend of mine, worked with one of these. He was a nurse. Yep, a nurse. And she had no idea what he really was. Just shows how covert and manipulative these sociopaths/psychopaths can be. They can be any profession, often those where they can get close to vulnerable people.



It’s sad how many are sucked into believing abusers ‘can’t help it’.

A recent post to my page…

It amazes me how many people get sucked into believing narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths/paedophiles …… ‘can’t help’ what they do when hurting/abusing others. Even mental health professionals get sucked in.

They can ‘help it’.

They are ‘unwilling’ to stop.

Not ‘unable’.

And the very fact that they can behave appropriately around people and ‘choose’ who they prey upon to harm, and do it behind closed doors, and often lie about it, deny it etc…..shows how they *do* know what is good and what is harmful behaviour.

And the ‘excuses’ made about them being abused themselves….. still does ‘not’ take away from the fact that they do ‘choose’ to behave in abusive ways.

They are not psychotic, they are not ‘insane’ – they *do* know right from wrong……. they just lack the willingness to have empathy, conscience, remorse, guilt and they often ‘enjoy’ what they do.

This is as per experts in personality disorders, so please do not fall for anyone stating that they ‘can’t help it’.

Society needs to stop making excuses

for abusive people.

Society needs to stop minimizing,

justifying, normalising and

excusing what they do.

Abuse is increasing and people with these types of personality disorders, are often those causing this increasing abuse.

We need to stop making excuses and having misplaced compassion and realise that when people make choices to harm others, this is never okay.

This is not a page for making ‘excuses’ for abuse ……. and I remind everyone, this is page that is dealing with the life impacting and devastating abuse, many of these personality disordered people have chosen to inflict, wrecking lives, causing suicide and life long mental health issues.

And I am not stating any of this to incite hatred, or revenge, or retaliation  ….. but to deal with the ‘reality’ of how abuse is caused, and to support the victims of all this abuse – because the victims did not deserve for these people to choose to inflict abuse upon them.

Abuse is wrong, disgusting and never ‘excusable’.