Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Might start a diploma in counselling in February.

I’ve just found out you can apply for VET Fee help for diploma courses, not just degrees. I need to wait until Feb 2017, to start an on campus degree Uni course, for various reasons.

So, a counselling diploma in the gap next year, would be useful and helpful and keep me busy 🙂

So contacting ACAP about the VET Fee help part, just to make sure I would be eligible. I’m itching to start studying and this may be a great route, a diploma, prior to the degree in either counselling or psychology – whichever I decide upon.

Emailed for info.

Update, I’ve already checked and I am eligible for the VET FEE help, so I’m applying for the course, to commence Feb 2016.

After that, I will start a 3 year Bachelor of Psychology/Social Sciences/Counselling (not sure which yet), Continue reading

I’ve been studying people my whole life…..now adding to this, applying to commence a counselling degree.

I’m in the process of applying to commence a counselling degree, starting Feb next year.

I am excited, nervous and still wondering if this is the right decision, but I have been procrastinating for 2 years, so about time I just got on with it. I sought advice and the responses have been positive.

I know helping people and learning more about psychology is my passion, so it makes sense to gain qualifications and training that will enable that further down the track. It will also give more credibility to anything I write, publish, should I continue with that path.

I’m aware the experiences I have already personally endured, the life wisdom gained, the studying of humanity I have done since birth, the insight and knowledge I already have, personal knowledge of mental health, personal knowledge of being a therapy client, my own healing journey, combined with all I will learn in professional study, will be a valuable combination.

I realise I am going to be challenged, it will be a workload that will need to be managed, and I will face things I know will push me well outside of my comfort zone, like being evaluated in groups and in interacting with people. Eeeeek! :-O

But, I am all for challenging myself….and what’s the worst that could happen….I make a tit of myself….not like that hasn’t happened before…..and I survived! 😉

This is all assuming of course, that I am even successful in my application…. 🙂


Now Abbott is backing down on Uni/Education reforms, I can hopefully study! :)


I had given up on the desire to study, due to the current governments motivation to make higher education impossible for lower income earners and widen the ‘class’ divides further…

Now I read he is backing down on this…….YES!……this means myself and many like me, do have a possibility studying 😀

So, I have decided I need to stop procrastinating and get on with study. Going to ask some advice about this at counselling too.

I have found a completely online (I can’t attend on campus) under-graduate part time degree, offered by the local Catholic university, and as long as I can defer fees, as most currently can….I could start next year.

I have considered doing a philosophy course, as that is right up my alley…….but, I think if I want to get qualifications behind me in the field of work I am in, it needs to be within a psychology related field. Then this opens doors in the future, to different avenues of work, and will add credibility to my written work.

It would educate me further…which I want. And is the area that I am aware is my path….human behaviour and mental health.

And it would open up more avenues to further post graduate study, as well.