Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Society is the problem and the disease… forcing sexual abuse & child sexual abuse survivors, to suffer more.


Being someone who is willing to be very open, raw and real about the society ‘taboo subject’ most don’t want to acknowledge – sexual abuse – and ‘worse’ child sexual abuse – makes me an unusual person.

I am someone openly shunned, ignored, cast aside by ‘friends’, feeling further abandonment, adding to the devastating trauma, crushing and debilitating weight of shame, rejection and pain so many abuse survivors endure. All of which, we should never be made to feel.

I read this in the latest addition of very popular local Child & Parenting magazine..

“A society that nourishes the silence of survivors through a refusal to accept the truth and show compassion towards them, is a disease as devastating as the abuse itself.” – written by Zara – child & adult sexual abuse survivor.

Being shunned, ignored, blamed, rejected, avoided, silenced….means abuse survivors are repeatedly re-traumatised by society.

We are forced to feel as though ‘we’ are the problem and should remain quiet….but it is the disease of society…that is the problem.

Not us.