Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I cry for other people’s lives becoming better and healing.

I am such a sook.

I receive messages all the time about my work, and how it helps people and I am so thankful anything I write and share helps people.

When people send me really long emails (which is often), detailing how all the stuff I write has positively impacted their life so profoundly…it makes me cry.


Cry with such thankfulness, that their life has improved and they are now on a path of healing.

I have people tell me I have ‘saved their life’…….but I don’t save lives….I only put out stuff in a real, raw way, that resonates with people who are suffering and struggling, in a way that people relate to.

It is why I do what I do…and is my passion and my calling.

To make a difference, to positively help in anyone’s life.

And I am aware of the difference, it makes to so many lives.

And I have a heart of gratitude, for this.

So kind of people to share my poems…I always hope they will help someone.


This online newspaper, shared two of my poems today, and I am very thankful to them and all the online newspapers who share my blogs and posts.

It is lovely to have kind people supporting each other.