Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Wow, when I find out I am helping transgender people through my work, I want to cry.

To receive a message from a transgender community, stating my work, website etc helps them with the PTSD and Complex PTSD many deal with, that to me is huge.

I’ve made is very clear in this blog, I am not okay at all with the prejudice and abuse LGBTIQ people endure, and despite not knowing their journeys many face personally, I have the empathy and intelligence to know, they are human beings who deserve respect.

I base and judge people on their actions and behaviours, not on anything else. Being LGBTIQ does not make someone a freak, weird, bad and all the other labels they get.

My life has taught me sexual orientation, gender, skin colour, religion, does not determine a person. Only their behaviours and actions and how they treat others, matters to me.

I filled up knowing I am reaching and helping people throughout many communities, where so much trauma and abuse occurs. And I am so aware of how much more abuse LGBTIQ communities endure. It’s so very wrong. I see how PTSD and Complex PTSD will result from the types of abuse they endure, from family, society etc. Continue reading

Crying listening to Amazing Grace, while watching I Am Cait.

I’ve been watching the reality show ‘I Am Cait’, because I wanted to educate myself on the transgender community. To me education is required, otherwise opinions are just often ignorance and prejudice. As I see everywhere. I choose not to be ignorant. I choose to be educated.

I’ve enjoyed and found the series fascinating, and mostly due to the other transgender women and their stories.

The last episode had the song Amazing Grace at Caitlin’s name change service, led by a Christian women pastor.

Amazing Grace has been a highly emotional song for me, for decades. I cried listening to it again today.

Being transgender does not make someone a bad person, or weird, or a freak as they are often seen as. These women and men were lost and now they feel found in what they truly believe is their authentic selves. I am so deeply happy for them. I am glad they found themselves and have each other.

There is so much ignorance, stigma and prejudice about the transgender community. And all wrongly so. And I know God loves these souls, just in the same way as He loves me, my family and everyone else. Continue reading