Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Still grieving and will be for a long time.

Discussed this in counselling today. Discussed how the extent and severity  of all the trauma, abuse, relationships I have to grieve, it will be a lifelong process.

I can’t remember the term used, but most grieving processes take around 18 months. But the extent of my trauma history, will not be grieved in that timeframe. It will be a lifelong journey.

I am doing everything I should be doing, and I still feel sad, depressed, angry etc, for periods of time throughout each week. This is normal. So whilst I do not want to feel this way, I am relieved to hear it is very normal. And is probably why Continue reading

So thankful for another website review, by a licenced professional :)

I am so thankful for all the reviews professionals I have received, for my website & this blog.

Today Jane Plattner LCSW  http://janeplattner.com/- a therapist specialising in PTSD emailed me this review..

“As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in treating PTSD I have found this website to be a gem.  I refer clients to it and believe there is some great information on this website.

Jane Plattner, LCSW”
To know professionals refer their clients to my website, is significant.

Continue reading

Yoga is highly recommended for trauma survivors. By the beach, perfect place :)


Went to yoga, at one of my favourite places. It was beautiful. Yoga teacher was lovely, had a chat with her after, as her website shows her art (incredibly talented) and adult colouring. Chatted a little about that.

There are groups 6 days a week, so I should be able to attend one of them around my husbands shifts. I can also take my children and they can play on the grass near the yoga group.

Made me think about the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher in the future and having groups like this by the beach.

Yoga is highly recommended for Complex PTSD and PTSD sufferers. As per Prof. Bessel van der Kolk. Continue reading


Preventing child abuse and neglect, is a moral and economic imperative – Tonette Walker


I agree.

Pretending child abuse and neglect doesn’t exist, minimizing it, avoiding it, denying it, excusing it……. is not helping in any way.

People can harp on about compassion for abusive people, and forget the greater compassion needed for the child victims and keep perpetuating abuse in the process. Choose to believe they don’t intend to harm children, but that does not help children being abused and the physical and mental health lifelong issues it creates.

I am over people making excuses for those who intentionally abuse children. Continue reading


My Complex Trauma, PTSD & Complex PTSD Website stats, are increasing continually :)

My Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/ is continually increasing in views.

Which is great – especially for those who do not have access to therapy. Not everyone has access to therapy, or has access to quality trauma focussed therapy.

There’s stacks of info, including a lot of info from professionals in the field. There’s coping strategies to manage symptoms and heaps of info about symptoms, therapy types, resources, book recommendations etc.

It’s my gift to anyone who may need it.

And it helps that it is recommended by professionals in the field, as that helps viewers to know the info is quality info.

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I’ve had the abuse & suffering I’ve endured – minimized all my life. I don’t tolerate it anymore.

Having severe, prolonged and repeated abuse/trauma endured – minimized and invalidated by others, is something I have endured all my life.

People who generalise trauma as the same, or minimize child sexual abuse, or compare trauma endured as an adult – to trauma endured as a child etc… simply do not know what they are talking about. They often have selfish and self serving reasons to do this and willingly shame people in the process.

‘Generalising’ and ‘minimizing’ are cognitive distortions I see are familiar within abuse/mental health industry and advocacy field. They shame, re-traumatise and invalidate those who have suffered to greater levels.

There is a very true saying “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and most are full of shit”. So true.

Most opinions are lacking in education, lacking in knowledge, lacking in empathy, lacking in insight. Continue reading

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4 Trauma Typology/Responses – Flight, Fight, Freeze, Fawn.


These are really important for PTSD, Complex PTSD and trauma survivors to be aware of. It is only through understanding ourselves, we can begin to heal.