Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Mother’s Day….. I am determined it will be okay.

I am determined Mother’s Day will be okay. Regardless of the past, ‘I’ am a mother, and a decent one. Not a perfect one, but one who cares for my children, loves them, and chooses to consider their emotional needs.

I am not big on celebrations like Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, but my children obviously want to celebrate Mother’s Day and I want them to have that and be happy.

Had some lovely gifts, including a handmade heart necklace, with my 6 year old’s thumb prints in it, which is so special to me, and gifts like that mean more to me, than bought gifts.


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Thankful I am able to create somewhere people can share their struggles at this time of year.

This time of year, is not fun and joy for everyone. And I am someone who doesn’t just focus on my own needs, I try to be there for others too, because I know what it is like to be alone, and in emotional pain.

I empathise with many reasons why this time of year is do hard and I am thankful to be able to create somewhere safe – as safe as I can keep it – where people can express this, and not feel judged, invalidated and shamed. But feel validated and understood.

And also provide some links to info and tips to help manage and cope, that may help.

But, mostly people don’t want to be told how to cope……they just want someone to understand…..and I know this, because I get fed up with people who want to ‘fix’ my issues….but fail to just have empathy and just understand.

Validation, empathy and understanding…..is what so many people crave and need.

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I should avoid Facebook over halloween.

I do realise most people celebrate Halloween as a bit of fun, to dress up etc. I also think it is a good excuse to indulge in the dark side of people, which bothers me.

I hate Halloween, and anything that celebrates evil. I hate horror movies etc. I know what Halloween is meant to be about, but is still has too much evilness involved and is used as an excuse to glorify evil.

I don’t ‘enjoy’, celebrate or glorify evil.

Currently there are pictures of Halloween, horror type stuff all over social media. All glorifying dark evil stuff.

I just saw a pic of a guy I like and he is a nice guy….but for Halloween he had a picture of his eyes all black – evil eyes.

Having seen this is real life – real life evil at work and enduring a psychopath who’s eyes would become black, as he carried out his torture…..those black evil eyes, are very triggering.

So, it is up to me, to stay away from this stuff that triggers horrible memories and emotions of fear and suffering, due to real evil at work.