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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So glad I worked out how I can choose which comments can be seen. Keep the trolls, away.

I have trolls and nasty people come visit my social media pages and this blog. They used to bother me, but I have completely got to the point of knowing their issues – are all about them and nothing to do with me.

Trolls, nasty, narcissistic, sociopathic, angry, manipulative people love social media and somewhere to vent and project their darkness. Only way to deal with trolls…….. is not to feed them. You can’t reason with them, as they are disordered and dysfunctional people, and you can’t reason with that.


Just had one today here on this blog…… and I have not approved the comment and instead ‘trashed’ it and hope this mean, angry person just goes away, as they always do when you pay no attention to them.

I accept that putting myself on social media and this blog – will sadly attract trolls, narcissists, sociopaths and angry manipulative people looking for somewhere to vent and project. Continue reading


People trolling……claiming to be mental health professionals…. how sad.

I’ve had this blog targeted by self confessed paedophiles, self confessed sociopaths, self confessed narcissists….and some who clearly have these issues…..but aren’t so upfront about their own disorders.

I have someone now….who’s comments I am not approving…..targeting me and this blog……yet ‘claims’ to be a mental health professional…..no proof of course….and hey trolls can be anything they like online…..


He/she claims to be evaluating me……wow……..big red flag!!

No decent mental health professional would ever claim to be able to evaluate someone online without even meeting them……so that kinda says it all really. I know what my therapist would say about this person.

And it is interesting he/she wants me to think he/she is evaluating me…..wants me to know he/she is reading my blog…… narcissistic covert behaviours to attempt to make me feel uncomfortable.

Knock yourself out buddy….I have nothing to hide…unlike you.

I can see straight through that kind of abusive & pathetic behaviour.

Trolling abuse survivors….is a sociopaths game……having an ego that believes I will care what he/she thinks…..narcissism.

Sad person.

Sadly, there are many about and this blog (which is in fact supported by many mental health professionals)……will be targeted by trolls and abusive types.

The reaction to this, when this blog post was posted to my community page…