Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Knowing I am making a difference for trauma survivors, keeps me motivated.

When my work, insight and sharing has an impact on those in positions of influence, who are highly educated and do considerable work within the mental health field… I know I am making a difference.

I recently had email exchanges with Prof. David Susman Ph.D – who has an impressive biography you can see at http://davidsusman.com/about/

The conversation was about ‘shaming’ within the mental health industry. At first David rejected my insight and views, then he emailed me with an apology and stated my views are accurate and he agrees with them.

These are some of the comments he stated…

“I believe your website and advocacy is very important”

“I would like to offer my apologies to you for my comments. I value your perspectives and certainly see your point of view.”

“I’m so appreciative of your insights and comments. I really agree with everything you said.”

“Your points about shame are also very accurate. I have seen many people withdraw and avoid others because of this. The fear and anxiety is tremendous.”

“Once again, I’m so sorry for my unfeeling comments. I have definitely learned a valuable lesson from our exchange and I won’t be so assertive in the future in insisting that “one size fits all” for therapy and recovery.”

I am thankful for these comments and feedback about my work and my insight.

I am thankful to be able to converse with highly educated people within the mental health industry and actually make a difference. Continue reading


A very courageous patient, who has experienced significant trauma. Validation still feels weird. Odd. Strange.

My doctor/counsellor copied me into a letter this week, sent to a hydro/physiotherapist. I needed to be referred regarding all these added physical illness issues I am experiencing.

The first line in the letter “(My name) is a very courageous patient attending our rooms with significant trauma in her past, and working through the issues surrounding this”.

That was pretty validating to read in both who I am as a person – ‘very courageous’ … and what I have experienced – ‘significant trauma’. And I realise the courage required to be ‘working through it’.

Despite the fact that I know this for myself…. it still impacts me when I see validation. No doubt because I have received so little from people in my life. From people who matter. Continue reading

Support from professionals, and great timing too.

I’ve had an amazing review (which made me cry) today from a trauma therapist/complex trauma survivor, and a Ph.D psychologist also contact me stating she will provide a review.

Plus I noticed several mental health professionals sharing my posts today. Posts about the deeper realities of this journey, deeper insight, the issues  I see within the mental health profession etc. Posts that are not always the popular opinion, but are more honest. And I’ve had that honesty validated.

I am blessed to have this support. And I am so appreciative and thankful for it. It helps me to know I am on the right track and affirms my insight, and helps others know my work is valuable and shared by professionals. Continue reading


Today, is a better day than yesterday.


Today I decided to get outside and do some more gardening. Nothing exciting, but it got me outside, in the sunshine, doing something useful.

I planted up heaps of seeds, which will hopefully grow into beautiful flowers. I also cut some cuttings from some succulent plants, as they are so easy to grow from cuttings.


I was tired and struggled a bit, but I did it. I ended up covered in hives. But it was worth it. I’m giving myself some credit for doing something productive. On the days I can be productive, I am always am.

I’ve realised my sleep is not good again, and I’m still awake at gone 2am every morning. Lack of decent sleep is a clear issue when you have PTSD, Complex PTSD and depression. Lack of sleep makes an already difficult life, harder. And increases all symptoms, as a result. Continue reading