Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

When self labelled ‘free thinkers’, are in fact hypocrites and limited.

There is such an ego fest in many people as to their beliefs about themselves. I see this continually in the new age guru followers and many religious people.

The ‘I’m a free thinker’ and ‘better’ than those who are not…… is interesting to me, when they in fact are hypocrites.

Free thinkers, of the new age following crowd, will often deny Christians their beliefs. Scoffing, even. And will not accept anyone who explains their view on beliefs/thinking that has no rational basis.

Free thinkers, don’t understand anything more than where they are at. Continue reading

‘Unconditional love’ – is not wise at all. As per a Christian doctor/counsellor.

Good to discuss this today in counselling and it confirmed, this is indeed very unwise. BS, in fact. I’ve always known this and know this BS spouted about unconditional love, is often abused for harm.

There is a lot love does not tolerate, condone, or ignore.

People’s behaviour and motivations, matter.

Continually unhealthy, toxic, selfish, harmful behaviours – should not be tolerated. And people need to be accountable and responsible for their behaviours. Continue reading

Integrity… a path only the courageous take. It is a rare virtue.

Integrity, in the face of adversity, is a courageous path. And a path few are on. So, it can feel lonely. But, for those who choose honesty, empathy and integrity and a life of learning/growth, it is a choice that has to be made.

I see clearly more and more, how the ‘Road Less Travelled’ – is one few take, because it requires courage and deep honesty. Including about self. It’s easier to follow the crowd, in the wrong direction.

Integrity, combined with honesty and discernment, are rare. As has been explained to me and I see so clearly.


Integrity3 Continue reading

Thankful for the support I receive, challenging popular and unwise thinking.

I am aware of the support I receive, including mental health professionals. And truly thankful. It helps me know I am on the right track. Which is important in a world, where so much bad advice is being given, that leads to more harm.

To have recognition and support from many mental health professionals, does make a difference. Especially when the support is offered for the posts I write that challenge the mass thinking society seems to follow along with.

It takes courage and integrity to challenge mass thinking. But, I do. Because I see the harm, the deeper issues and the bigger picture.

My integrity means I cannot agree with, condone or encourage unhealthy and harmful views and opinions.

So, I walk a walk in the opposite direction of many, and that’s okay.

People with integrity, depth of thought, empathy, often do. Continue reading

I share the same life philosophy as Mariska Hargitay :)

Watching Mariska on ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ and she stated her philosophy in life is always….

“What can I learn from this situation and how can I grow, because that is the most important thing to me, growing”.

I relate 100%. It is interesting how I have always been drawn to Mariska Hargitay and all her various forms of work.

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Snoopy Wisdom :)

Thanks Snoopy! Lovin’ the wisdom. Sometimes, it is needed to ignore, sometimes it is needed to act and respond.

Knowing when to act, is also wisdom. But, unless the people are significant in your life, most need to be ignored. Consider the source, consider their motivations, consider their patterns. Then decide if they should just simply be ignored.

snoopy wisdom


I don’t demand people agree with my views, but I do have standards I require from people in my life.

People who are not mature in their emotional development, demand others agree with them. I don’t. I expect many people to disagree with my views, because I don’t follow along with the masses. Immature people believe we should tolerate anything. I don’t. The wise know what is to be tolerated and what isn’t. The wise know what is contributing to and encouraging all the problems occurring in this world. And those with integrity and empathy, don’t ignore this.

People will demand non tolerance for some behaviours, is judgment. People always use that go to label, when they hear something different to what they want to believe, that causes cognitive dissonance. I am at that stage where I don’t care whether someone may be ‘judging me’. I’m past that now.

I do insist on those in my life having standards that mean they do not consistently harm others and are not illegal. And I will speak up against harm caused to others and society’s shallow needs, because I see the bigger picture issues. I don’t only see and care about how something affects me. I see the many layered issues of situations. Continue reading


I trust patterns. Not words. Or actions.


People with discernment, understand this. People who understand psychology and humanity, understand this.

It takes me time to get to know someone, because I don’t make instant decisions as to who someone is. I subconsciously watch them, discern their words, actions, behaviours, patterns. I pick up on their heart motivations.

I’ve known many people, more than they know themselves. I see into their souls. I see where they are at, in their journey of (un)consciousness. I see whether they are asleep. Or awakening. Or awake. Continue reading

So glad I worked out how I can choose which comments can be seen. Keep the trolls, away.

I have trolls and nasty people come visit my social media pages and this blog. They used to bother me, but I have completely got to the point of knowing their issues – are all about them and nothing to do with me.

Trolls, nasty, narcissistic, sociopathic, angry, manipulative people love social media and somewhere to vent and project their darkness. Only way to deal with trolls…….. is not to feed them. You can’t reason with them, as they are disordered and dysfunctional people, and you can’t reason with that.


Just had one today here on this blog…… and I have not approved the comment and instead ‘trashed’ it and hope this mean, angry person just goes away, as they always do when you pay no attention to them.

I accept that putting myself on social media and this blog – will sadly attract trolls, narcissists, sociopaths and angry manipulative people looking for somewhere to vent and project. Continue reading

I am becoming the person I am meant to be.

I believe in transformation, ‘becoming’.

Becoming wiser, more mature, working on growth and healing and that taking time.

I am becoming who God wants me to be, not what people demand I should be.

I know this is ongoing transforming, this becoming will continue all my life.

We are never wise enough. We never know enough. We are not God.