Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Now An ‘Official The Mighty Contributor’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

My article was accepted, published and I was asked to be an ‘Official The Mighty Contributor”.

Which is great and I am so thankful for – as this raises more awareness about Complex Trauma, Complex PTSD, PTSD, abuse and child abuse.


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I Find Lana Del Rey’s Voice & Music Soothing

Even when I don’t necessarily relate to the lyrics (although I often do) – I find her voice so soothing. Her music is like a collection of adult lullabies.

When really struggling – I listen to her music a lot. She knows aloneness, depression, hopelessness, betrayal, struggle.

Often music has been my only way of coping.


Being Hospitalised To Deal With My Blood Pressure Issues ~ Lilly Hope Lucario



I have been dealing with so much over the last few months and it’s completely overwhelmed me. My depression is severe now.

I broke my hand a few months ago, due to my blood pressure issues. I went to the hospital appointments while it needed x-raying and various casts, splints. But I didn’t follow up with the OT or physiotherapy I need on it.

I was also meant to have had a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. I didn’t go to the appointment. I know that’s needed before any other heart tests can be done.

I just don’t care enough about myself to have the self care I need at the moment. I don’t care if I have heart issues or my hand doesn’t heal. I think part of me just wants to die. And another part of me is scared to find out I have heart issues.

I know I’m severely depressed, and in deep avoidance. I think a part of me has just given up.

That’s how bad things are.

And my doctor/counsellor said I am the most depressed I’ve been for several years.

So my doctor/counsellor has arranged for me to be hospitalised in order to have all the tests done within a few days, for the blood pressure, potential hearts issues. I’ll be in for possibly 4 days, maybe less.

I also need my medication increased for my depression. And this will happen while in hospital too.

I hate hospitals. My anxiety about having to be there for several days, is pretty bad. I don’t want to be away from my children. Continue reading


My Inner Child Is Grieving – So I Bought Her This Cute Ballerina Unicorn ~ Lilly Hope Lucario



My inner child – is grieving.

My mother died and I recently realised I had to stop seeing my counsellor as a mother figure.

My mother dying has brought up a lot of horrible memories and emotions.

My inner child is having a very time over the stuff with my counsellor.

I feel like the 46 year old me – who is now grieving my entire life – is over everything and just wants to shut down and deal with everything alone.

And the inner child in me is desperately crying nooooooooooo….. don’t take away the only person who has acted in any way like a mother to me. I know my inner child wants to cling onto my counsellor with all her strength and might.

It’s all very confusing. And emotional. And painful.

It’s interesting – whenever I post about inner child healing, it always makes a powerful difference for others. Which is good. I know I risk ridicule and judgment when I post about having a terribly hurt inner child and buying soft toys etc. But, I share that very vulnerable part of me, because I know others feel the same pain and confusion I do. And when people see me doing my inner child stuff – it allows them to do the same with no fear of judgment from me.

I’ve only had my Instagram 2 months and I already have over 2000 followers, so I was unsure of the reaction I would receive about posting this pic of my unicorn. But, it received a really good reaction and in fact is the post with the most amount of comments.

It has a similar reaction on Twitter – with some people also feeling safe to post pics of their soft/plush toys that helps them.

I’m brave enough to post about my vulnerability, if it helps others.

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I Am The Text Book Case Of A Childhood Complex Trauma Survivor – Who’s Adult Relationships Were With Toxic People ~ Lilly Hope Lucario



I’ve never had one healthy relationship with adults. My relationships from childhood onwards – have all been with unhealthy, toxic, selfish people who do not love me.

I am that classic textbook case of being a severe childhood abuse survivor – particularly being a childhood sexual abuse survivor – that goes on to have relationships with abusive, toxic people in adulthood.

Both of my marriages were with unhealthy people – both abusive, both selfish to the core. And I was so messed up by my terribly abusive childhood – I assumed they were healthy and I wrongly assumed they loved me. When both of these men only loved themselves. Narcissistic to the core.

I was given crumbs of what seemed like caring behaviours, and I assumed that was love. It was all fake, all lies, but I was so needy for kindness – I took it.

I knew nothing better.

Because I had never been shown love.

This has been in every type of relationship throughout my adult life.

I have a pattern – of accepting crumbs and thinking that’s all I deserved.

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