Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Projection From My Therapist, Instead Of Empathy

I always work out issues, when I know I’m seeing red flags, issues that don’t make sense, seem confusing.

It has become very clear my therapist has a deep personal issue with being called names, so she projects that issue onto her clients, even when totally inappropriate.

It explains it all……. the constant direct and passive aggressive ways I have been shamed for calling e.g. paedophiles – paedophiles, and narcissists – narcissists.

I can call toxic abusers anything I want. And I’ve had that clarified by other therapists.

Now I know it was ‘her’ personal issue about being called names – projected onto me about an entirely different scenario – because my abusers are absolutely toxic and heinous.

Two entirely different situations – that required empathy to put own feelings aside, and hold the safe space for the victim of terrible heinous abuse – who has suffered greatly at the hands of heinous people – and call them anything I want. Which IS very appropriate.

I could raise this with her, but it will be denied and I am so over arguing with her. So, I won’t. It’s easier to just go along with some people’s issues, when you know there is not going to be an appropriate outcome. Continue reading

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Despite Everything I Have Endured, For 46 Years, I Do Know There Are Good People Too ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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When Narcissists Try To Claim They Have Complex PTSD = Perpetuate Their Delusional Thinking

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NPD and Complex PTSD are entirely different.

For a start CPTSD is NOT about grandiose, delusional thinking – which is a hallmark trait of NPD ……… yet narcissists will conveniently forget that.

Narcissists have a DEFICIT of empathy – another hallmark trait of NPD……. yet those with Complex PTSD are not deficit in empathy and many – like myself – have considerable empathy.

Narcissists are devious, pathological liars…….. those with Complex PTSD are not.

The list goes on.

Sure some trauma survivors have the ‘fight’ traumatology symptom, which is narcissism, but it is about far more than just that one issue. But, I have seen narcissists focus only on that to delude themselves, conveniently ignoring all the other diagnostic criterion.

Narcissists will believe anything to avoid dealing with their true self. Including delude themselves they have Complex PTSD, which is sad – because they continue to be dishonest and will not heal. Which is not what I want for them.

I wish narcissists would face their issues – for themselves and all they harm. Because unlike narcissists, I actually do have an appropriate level of empathy for everyone. Continue reading