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Doctors Who Fuck Up & Can’t Apologise – Two In One Week.

Here I sit with a broken hand, that should never have happened.  And wouldn’t have, had my former doctor/counsellor taken my low blood pressure issues seriously – months ago.

But, she refuses to take responsibility for that. And shame on her.

Today, I had to go back to the hospital, to see if I need an operation. The very young, not fully qualified doctor, cut off the plaster, claiming I needed a new one.

To cut a very long story short, this was the wrong decision, led to more pain and the orthopaedic plaster technician, who put the plaster on a week ago, making a complaint about the doctor.

The orthopaedic plaster technician was furious and the conversations happening between them all made it very clear there were repeated mistakes being made by under-trained doctors.

Putting on the new plaster cast really hurt. And that was avoidable, because it should have stayed on.

Did that doctor apologise…….. nope. He was annoyed, but I had no apology. Arsehole.

Thank goodness for the technician, who remembered me being kept waiting for 9 hours in the ER last week. And instead of ignoring the doctors mistake, he spoke up. Which I am really grateful for.

As for the doctor……. what a coward.

It’s certainly not my week for doctors doing the right thing……. or for apologising when they fuck up.

Oh and my one finger will never have the same movement as before.


And this was avoidable, had another doctor not fucked up, by failing in their duty of care for what are very obviously concerning health issues = low blood pressure with ongoing dizziness, blacking out and arm seizures.

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Peace Within, Is Far Better Than Hurt & Pain ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have learned much throughout my life, and one clear message is many people have limitations – due to their own egos, delusions, self serving needs & beliefs.

And you can either accept this, and move on…. or you can harbor hurt, betrayal, anger, resentment.

I’ve done all the anger I needed to feel, to heal. So, I choose to accept and move on.

Other people’s limitations and resulting issues, are not my issue to internalise.

I choose peace.

garden of eden

Plus, healthy boundaries.

I know now, it is better to walk alone, than with those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

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Better To Grieve It All Now, Than Years Down The Track ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

It would seem 2017, is the year of grieving. My ex husband, my mother, my marriage, my therapist.

One thing I am determined not to do, is keep going back to someone who does not have my best interests at heart.

I’m stronger than that now.

Sometimes things happen that force you to truly deal with issues and at that point – you have to decide whether you going to continue to allow someone to treat you badly. Or not.

And to realise it takes a person with integrity, honesty and good character to own their wrongdoing. In my life, I have seen very little of these character traits.

alone all my life

Grieving sucks, but I would rather deal with it all now, than deal with more down the track. Continue reading