Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD:

Great advice, on why validation is needed, after abusive relationships with narcissists and sociopaths.

Originally posted on SociopathLife.Com:

During, and especially after a relationship with a Sociopath, you have a need for validation. And these ‘need’s’ can be one or more of the following

  • your not the crazy one~ a Sociopath can almost have you on the brink of believing you truly are the crazy one. This is done with repeated words & actions, breaking your common sense down, creating a dependency on them {ie: if you did this or that, they will praise you, if you said this or that, they in turn said or did something kind}..
  • how can they lie, straight faced, and think I’m going to believe it ~because if you believed just one of their lies, they continue on as there is no consequences for them {in their minds}
  • more words of ‘I will change, we can work this out’~ this is usually said, and then followed up with ‘but your the…

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More beautiful words sent to me on Twitter. I know what it is like to feel completely alone & afraid.


This was sent to me, with a message ” This reminded me of you ,,, Thanks for your Voice”

I am a voice for those with no voice.

Not a perfect voice, or one that knows it all, or has all the answers, or is healed myself yet…and I remind people of that – because I am genuine and honest.

I screw up, make mistakes, fall down, get back up…..and keep speaking.


Speaking and sharing with honesty, rawness and realness.

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An interesting day…a man charged with 5 counts of fraud, two apologies and a narcissist revealed.

My day started, with the good news that a man who I had worked out was casing a lot of people harm, had been arrested for fraud.  

Then, I received two apologies, from people who had been involved with the bullying and harassment, I received, when I exposed this man.

I was dubious about accepting the apologies, as so much had gone on, but I did, because I believe everyone should be given a chance to put it right, and it takes courage to apologise – publicly.

So, I was thankful for that and willing to accept the apologies and just tread carefully and see how it goes.

One person, who had sided with this man, however, decided to tell me that doing all of this – informing the police – was ‘petty and inconsequential’, because she couldn’t accept what she had done wrong, that she had sided with a liar/fraud and she clearly couldn’t apologise and made herself look even worse, by showing how uncaring she is, about people with PTSD, getting harmed by fraud. She clearly thinks it’s okay that someone was harming others and she supported that.

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Four Sly Abusive Tactics, So Sneaky You May Ignore Them

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD:

Excellent insight and advice. A lot of abuse is not obvious and many don’t even realise it is happening to them.

Originally posted on betternotbroken:

1. Sleep Deprivation 

Hey, are you awake? They are going to set me up tomorrow, I need your help. Hey are you awake? How can you be asleep with what I am going through? I just thought you would be awake like I am. Hey, are you awake? I just realized another way they are going to F— me over . . . I need your help. I had nightmares, oh the nightmares, can you talk to me so I forget about them . . . you are not going to sleep now, can you tell me another story? Why go to sleep now? It is almost morning.


2. The Silent Treatment

It is date number two, you went out in a group and when the vote was cast on where to go after dinner you sided with Suzy and Bill even though your date said he did not…

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Ten More Lies Abusive People Tell

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD:

Yes, they are excellent at projecting, blaming, minimizing, scapegoating, gaslighting etc. It’s all narcissists/sociopaths favourite manipulation strategies.

Originally posted on betternotbroken:


1. You think everyone is an abuser. Everything everyone does to you is abuse.

I bet that guy over there is an abuser, and that one, and that one over there. Hell if some guy opens the door for you I bet you would haul off and call the cops on him.

Open the door à la (poor French acknowledged) Jack Nicholson in The Shining?

Then yes, yes I would.

“Hello, Police?”

2. If you speak about this, x, y and z will happen.

You had better watch what you say, even in your home. They work with powerful men including an elusive billionaire with an uncanny amount of spare time on his hands who has bugged your house to monitor you. We know all billionaires spy on housewives to learn the exact ratio of Shout to Clorox Bleach Pen used to eradicate chocolate milk stains as well as to ensure their mouths stay shut…

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My insight and discernment into others, validated. Again.

I can discern when people have narcissistic and sociopathic traits. I can spot it easily. My red flag detector is highly accurate.

This has been proven yet again, by me detecting – from the other side of the world – a man who is a liar, bully and high level traits that indicate to me he capable of much harm.

This also shows my capacity to ‘not let it go’ is needed, when it comes to these people.

People who ‘let it go’ do so for their own needs. To give themselves an easy life.

Whereas, I have integrity and strength to not let it go – not when other people are going to get hurt.

I have the courage to stand up to them and do something about it.

Out of 1000’s of people who only knew this man via the internet, very few worked him out. I was one of them. I worked him out quickly.

And was then cyber stalked, harassed, by him and all his apath followers. And they were all wrong. They made a decision to not believe me and I received a load of hassle, bullying, back from them as a result.

This has happened several times in my life. And each of these times, I have been deeply hurt.

1. It happened when a psychopath went to prison. I went through massive trauma due to the court case. I got hassle and abuse from people who wanted to not believe me. But, the police 100% believed me. The jury and judge believed me. Validation. Continue reading


Simon Bucken – arrested on suspicion of 5 counts of fraud.

Fullscreen capture 28082014 82243 AM-001


This is the man that bullied, harassed and stalked me and many others online. Fake accounts set up.

Hater Twitter account and hater Facebook page set up about me. Disgusting lies told about me.

Had his supporters call me names like ‘psycho’, lie about me.  All their messages about me on Twitter, causing me hurt and anxiety.

My motivation was only ever to warn and try to protect people, by exposing it all and in the process I went through a lot of crap, that I really didn’t need, as I am in the middle of all my own severe trauma processing.

But, I did it anyway, because I HATE seeing vulnerable people taken advantage of. Continue reading


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