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Depp v Heard: Post Separation Abuse, Legal Abuse & Cruelty To Domestic Violence Victims ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have been aware for some years now, as to how few people can (or choose not to) discern narcissism, abuse, domestic violence and toxic behaviours.

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard court case in 2022, however, has even shocked me – as to how few people will discern narcissistic abusers and domestic violence perpetrators and their tactics.

It’s been an eye opener for me, that even some of those who claim to be advocates for domestic violence victims and even domestic violence survivors, are supporting Depp. Something I find extremely alarming.

The Depp/Heard case is a classic case of most of society on a worldwide stage, being manipulated and duped by a highly toxic and abusive man. And his female victim being relentlessly abused by him and society. The witch hunt is deplorable, yet millions of people are enjoying it.

The very fact that Depp claimed to be the victim, yet sat in court smirking and laughing, was a huge red flag. Victims of abuse don’t sit in court smirking and laughing. Yet, millions seem to believe that’s normal for a victim and Heard’s behaviour in court is the problem. Shame shifting at it’s finest.

The fact that his accusations of abuse have been presented by his lawyers out of context and without stating what led up to Heard’s behaviour, is a red flag. Typical manipulation tactic. Many domestic violence perpetrators will relentlessly abuse the victim and then when she eventually reacts back – the dv perp will claim that’s abuse. It’s not abuse.

Also Heard being diagnosed by a non credible ‘mental health professional’ paid by Depp, that he ‘wined and dined’. But, another mental health professional diagnosing Heard with PTSD – caused by Depp’s abuse. “Dawn Hughes, a forensic and clinical psychologist from New York City, said she evaluated Heard over 29 hours, multiple visits and a number of tests, and conducted interviews with her mother and other doctors. Hughes said based on her evaluation, she diagnosed Heard with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by intimate partner violence from Depp.” And yet many want to believe the diagnosis by the non credible mental health professional. It’s also worth noting Depp wasn’t forced to do a psychological evaluation. See here.

The fact that his accusations were followed with zero proof – such as Heard ‘defecating on the bed’, was a huge red flag. And yet millions of people believe it. With NO EVIDENCE. Memes and videos are relentlessly trolling the internet and social media. Cruelty everywhere. Heard has received deaths threats. It’s shocked even me and I’m no stranger to being cyber abused.

Legal abuse is becoming a more understood form of abuse. This is what this entire case is. Abuse perpetrated via the legal system, to harm the victim. See Here and It’s Post Separation Legal Abuse, Not High Conflict Divorce

Post Separation Legal Abuse. Instigated by abusers, enabled by lawyers and justified by society. In my case, following me applying for a domestic violence protection order – based on considerable evidence of abuse perpetrated by my ex, he and his lawyer then applied for a cross application, based on complete lies with no evidence. A ‘cross application’ of a dv order, is a lawyer’s abusive tactic used to threaten, harass and intimidate the victim. The cross application being based on lies, with no evidence. Abusive lawyer’s will do anything to get what they want, no matter how morally bankrupt. Just like their abuse perpetrating clients. The only part of his cross application he had any evidence of was me calling him a psychopath. Quite frankly, if that’s all the evidence he had of my behaviour towards him being supposedly abusive – I should be given a freakin’ medal. After 18 years of emotional, psychological and sexual abuse – I can call him anything I want and it is not abuse. My reactions were all very normal and very appropriate and in fact, had I done more to him – that would have been normal and appropriate too. Fortunately, even with my ex having a lawyer and a barrister – he failed in his retaliation lies about me. His cross application withdrawn due to no evidence and a domestic violence order on him agreed. But, the court proceedings indeed included legal abuse to me and those involved being as a vile as my ex.

Shaming victims and blame shifting are everywhere and fortunately there are people and organizations working hard to educate people, educate professionals and survivors. (see end of article for links to some). And they are also trolled and abused. There’s a long way to go and no matter how much education there is – this abuse will continue.

I have endured legal abuse and post separation abuse. On a much smaller scale to Amber Heard, but none-the-less, it is horrific for each victim/survivor.

Throughout my journey of this, it became very clear to me how many lawyers make a ridiculous amount of money in abusing victim/survivors in order to get a ‘win’ for their abuse perpetrator clients. No matter how much evidence there is as to their client being the abuser. And like their clients, lawyers have zero remorse, zero empathy and zero conscience. I don’t care about their claims that they are ‘doing their job for their client’. Bullshit. That’s just how they lie to themselves to justify their behaviour. The legal system is supposed to protect the victims and hold abusers accountable. It fails this miserably. Lawyers use many vile tactics to get the outcome they want. And just because lawyers get away with it, does not make it okay, at all. They know what they are doing and they simply don’t care. There is a reason lawyers are No 2 on the list of career choices for psychopaths.

The Depp/Heard court process has truly highlighted to me how many people can’t, or won’t, see the truth about abusers, when they have a vested interest. Like all those who like Depp’s work and all those who want to use Depp as the ‘Poster Boy’ for educating about female perpetrated domestic violence and male victims. Depp not being the ‘poster boy’ at all, as highlighted by insightful psychology professionals, who do have insight and the ability to discern abuse.

It’s also highlighted in a spectacular way, how the evidence of abuse by the male perpetrator (like Depp), is minimized, rationalised, dismissed, ignored and excused…. for any number of pathetic reasons. Whilst the female victim’s behaviour is attacked and used as a way to wrongly label her the abuser.

I am very aware of how victims are not ‘allowed’ to react back with ‘negative’ emotions. They are not allowed to hit back, they are not ‘allowed’ to call the abuser names etc. Nope. They are not allowed self defence. Many believe the victim has to have perfect calm behaviour, no matter how much abuse they endure, no matter how much provocation there is. Yet, there is zero logical reason for this, other than the misogyny, that is so deeply ingrained throughout society. It’s clear to that victims are criticized when they don’t fight back, and criticized when they do.

Saying a victim’s reactions are abuse, is MORE ABUSE to the victim. Anyone who is enduring ongoing abuse of any kind – is going to react back at some point. Yes, this can include calling the abuser names, hitting the abuser etc. Like Heard has admitted to. This is NOT abuse. Nor does it make the victim an abuser too. Nor does it make the victim toxic. It is a normal reaction to ongoing abuse and manipulation. And anyone who claims this is not correct, should not be in the mental health profession, the legal profession, domestic violence advocacy support field, or police service. Yet, these professionals engage in abusing the victim about this, all the time.

I’ve read cases where a victim of ongoing physical abuse has eventually hit back – and the police have arrested the victim. Happens all the time.

I’ve read cases where the victim has been shamed for calling the perpetrator names like ‘psychopath, evil, rapist.’ A victim should be able to call the abuser anything they like and quite frankly – anyone who shames them for that – seriously needs to develop some empathy and until then – keep their mouth shut.

Has Amber Heard had ‘perfect calm’ behaviour in reaction to her abuser? Did I? No. And nor should we ever be be expected to. Abuse victims can act in ways they never would, if they were not being abused. And that’s entirely due to enduring relentless emotional and psychological abuse, plus other abuse.

Every person shaming and mocking Amber Heard, is perpetrating abuse to her.

Every lawyer making money out of abusing Amber Heard or any dv perpetrator, is an abuser and should be removed from the legal system. Some should be in prison.

Every person making up, laughing at and sharing memes and lies about Amber Heard via the internet and social media, should be ashamed of themselves. They should be held legally accountable for cyber abusing her. But, they won’t.

The legal system is set up to protect abusers, more then it is victims.

It’s only a few decades ago that it was still legal to rape your wife and it required a lot of hard work by those involved in changing the system to make this illegal.

Legal/Litigation Abuse, Post Separation Abuse, Cyber Abuse, Trolling Victims, Lying about Victims, Shaming and Abusing Victims, are all forms of abuse and all permitted legally and it will take decades more to even begin to control this. The legal system is an industry makes far too much money abusing victims, so most legal professionals are in no rush to change this.

Until it changes, victims of abuse will continue to suffer.

Like Amber Heard.

Misogyny runs deep throughout the world. Every person defending or ignoring Depp’s pure misogyny, is being misogynistic or enabling misogyny.

And the Depp/Heard case, exposes that fully.

Johnny Depp screwed up his own life with drugs, alcohol, anger, rage, jealousy, control issues, toxic selfishness, revenge and misogyny and has neither the character or the moral conscience required – to own it.

He is not the poster boy for being a male victim of female perpetrated domestic violence.

He’s the poster boy for narcissism, DARVO and being a male domestic violence perpetrator, who’s duping many and choosing to perpetrate post separation and legal abuse.

I could write so much more about this, but this article is already so long and I hope people interested in the truth, will find out even more.

The following is links and quotes, that I have read, that express and agree with my insight.

And this is why I care so much and wrote this article. The Depp v Heard case, affects many women.

“So many women are watching the public humiliation and character assassination of Amber Heard and realising they will never be believed or taken seriously about their own abuse, their own trauma responses, and their own lives. Absolutely devastating for thousands of women.” ~ Dr Jessica Taylor

Following the outrageous court ruling in favour of Depp, it seems The Sun can call him a wife beater and that is ruled as legal and correct, but his victim cannot speak out and say she is a dv victim, without even using his name. Disgusting.

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Lawyers and society need to realise, victims of relationship abuse – do react back and they should not be villainized for that, or called abusers. We should never expect ‘perfect victims’. Lawyers should also not enable perpetrators to use the legal system to continue to abuse the victim. Misogyny still very much exists and that is being played out on a worldwide platform and those participating in this, are as abusive as the perpetrator.

Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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