Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Cancelled My Meeting With The Church Minister – To Protect Myself

I was supposed to meet today with the female minister of the church I take my boys to.  She’s a nice woman. The church seems okay. But, I just can’t talk to anyone. The anxiety I get from thinking about talking to someone and dreading their response, is overwhelming. It literally makes me ill.

I am so unwell, I cannot take anymore minimizing, abuser excusers, people invalidating my pain and projecting their opinions on me – harming me in the process. And their lack of empathy and conscience in the process.

I’ve had that all my life and I am too ill to take it anymore.

The recent issues coming to a very abrupt and traumatic end with my counsellor, has caused so much damage. It took me several years to build up to the point where I could talk about the severity of all the abuse, the toxic and heinous characters of the abusers. To have that minimized and trivialised in the manner it was by my former counsellor and the way it ended, is beyond painful.

To think of yet another person doing more of that – is not something I can ever take any chances on happening again. Especially church people.  And as anyone with any intelligence knows – church people are often the worst for abusing abuse victims with their victim blaming/shaming attitudes.

I am so ill and so broken I am not in a position to take the risk of more trauma. I have to protect myself and withdraw to be safe. To cope. Continue reading



The Day I Realised My Counsellor Is No Better Than My Heinous Mother

My mother was complicit in the sexual abuse I endured throughout the first 20 years of my life. She knew it was happening. She did nothing to stop it. She encouraged me to be nice to the paedophile and psychopath.

To cut a long story short – a few years ago I tried to talk to my counsellor about my husband manipulating me into sex I did not want. I told her he bought alcohol to coerce me. During this conversation – my counsellor offered no support. She didn’t explain to me this was sexual abuse. She said nothing and did nothing. And she never raised it again.

Since this conversation – she has repeatedly encouraged me to be nice to my (sociopath rapist) husband. She’s insinuated that if I don’t feel sorry for him and be nice to him – I’m the problem.

Over the last few months – after reading about sexual coercion – I came to realise myself – I had been sexually abused for over a decade by my husband. I read how if a woman does not want sex and the partner coerces her via alcohol, emotional manipulation, making the woman feel like she owes her husband sex, and basically abusing her into sex – when she clearly does not want it – this is sexual coercion and is sexual abuse.

I told my counsellor what I had learned. She admitted she knew all this. She agreed my husband had in fact been raping me. She has even admitted my husband has very high level traits of sociopathy and narcissism.

However, when I asked her what she thought of a man who could sexually abuse a sexual abuse survivor – and cause her physical pain in the process and still continue on enjoying himself – she described this as him being ‘self focussed’. That’s it. Self focussed. Not a bastard, or a rapist, or evil or anything appropriate for such a heinous human being choosing to heinously abuse his wife knowing the decades of abuse she’s been though. Nope. She likes to minimize and trivialise rape – to nothing more than being ‘self focussed’. I’ve already had a it confirmed that this is a very concerning deficit of empathy and far removed from reality.

This has broken me completely.

I cannot even describe how painful this is.

I can’t put into words just how deep this betrayal is.

I told her at my last appointment – I may have had this fantasy of her being my mother in the past – because I have wrongly believed she cared about me. But, I’m so glad she’s not my mother.

I already had one mother who knew I was being sexually abused and allowed it to happen, did nothing to help me and encouraged me to be nice to my rapist abusers. I don’t need another mother doing the same.

She sat there – defensive and cold as ice. No compassion. No empathy. No willingness to admit she’s wrong. No understanding at all of the harm she’s caused.

She also stuck the knife in a bit more – by responding to me saying my husband should be in prison – by telling me I’m wrong – as sociopaths and rapists shouldn’t go to prison – because it doesn’t change them. She couldn’t even let me just have the opinion that rapists should go to prison. So according to her – evil people should just be allowed to be free, carry on harming people, raping people. Even after agreeing with me that evil is people who deliberately cause harm and enjoy it and have no conscience or remorse. She admits that’s evil. She admits that’s what my husband is. But she doesn’t believe they should have any consequences.

After all – what they do is no big deal. They are merely being ‘self focussed’. Evil is nothing more than being self focussed.

And she completely refused to allow me to say she’s wrong, or how much she has hurt me in doing this.

This is why she has tried to get me not to go to the police about my husband. Not to get a DVO. She doesn’t believe rapists and abusers should have consequences.

I spend 6 years talking to this woman about everything in my life. All the heinous abuse. All the pain. All the suffering.

This was a woman I supposed to be able to trust. A woman who should allow me to deal with all my emotions and feelings about those who have heinously abused me.

This is why she has always minimized and trivialised abuse and abusers.

Oh and just to twist that knife a little more – apparently because I ‘allowed’ abusers to abuse me for so long – it’s my own fault too.

Because of ‘my past’ where I was groomed by my own mother into being abused, and having been abused my whole life and not knowing anything better – it’s my own fault my sociopath rapist husband was abusing me for 18 years.  Continue reading


Beyond Broken

Recent events have confirmed that I trust the wrong people, I have a lifelong habit of ignoring red flags in people’s behaviour and I believe people who claim to care – but don’t.

I will never repeat these patterns again…………. because I will never talk to anyone about my trauma and never trust anyone again.

I’ve tried.

I’ve tried to trust people who are meant to be trustworthy.

I’m too ill to keep being hurt. To keep being let down. To keep having people fail me when I really need help the most.  Continue reading

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You Know What They Say About Opinions…..

There is a saying….

“Opinions are like arseholes…….. everyone has one……….. and most are full of shit.”

I’m not sure who wrote this – but it so very true.

I’ve dealt with people and their opinions of me…. all my life.

Most opinions have been based on toxic thinking, cognitive distortions, self serving assumptions and their own needs. And are actually nothing to do with me.

I’m aware people’s ‘opinions’ continue. Even people in my life I’m supposed to be able to trust – have wrong opinions of me.

But, I know who I am. I know my capacity for truth and my insight – make me someone some people don’t feel comfortable around. I sense things in people. I often know people better than they know themselves.

So what’s the best way to discredit my thinking…………. assume wrong things about me. Decide ‘my’ thinking is wrong,

Continue reading


I’ve Only Ever Had A ‘Role’ – In Other People’s Lives ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Hypervigilance and the ability to discern people’s behaviours and thinking…. has it’s uses. But, it also makes it very clear to me when people are pushing me away. When people are avoiding me. When people would rather I just went to someone else.

When this is your support network and it’s a time when it’s vital to have support – it hurts.

It really hurts. It makes me shut down. It makes me withdraw from everyone. I know I’m doing it. I know it’s considered a maladaptive coping strategy.

People say you ‘must rely on your support network when things are really dire’. And then when I do – they push you away.

People are okay when you are supporting ‘them’ ….. or stroking ‘their’ ego ….. or making ‘them’ feel good about ‘themselves’. But, it’s always a one way street.

I’m past caring now. It is what it is.

I’m just going to fake being okay from now on. It’s all anyone wants to see. No-one has ever wanted the real me. Just what they can take ‘from’ me.

I’ve always had a role in people’s lives. A role I have to play for them. And when I don’t – that’s when I see the real motivations surface. Their real feelings about me. Continue reading


No Idea What A Healthy Intimate Relationship Feels Like…. And Probably Never Will

Something I have realised, is I have no idea what a healthy relationship with a man looks like, or feels like.

Sad. But, true.

My intimate relationships have all been with abusive men.

I don’t know anything else.

My mother made sure I was truly fucked up by men since being a little child.

My first sexual ‘experience’ (I remember) was a paedophile and hard core porn at around 9 years old.

After that – it was abuse, abuse, abuse.

So sad.

And all the self harm that goes with this – emotionally. sexually, physically is beyond painful.

And I know if I am enduring this – there will be more like me.  Continue reading


First Sale For My New Business! ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

spark of hope 2


I haven’t been blogging – for several reasons. One being that I felt like I had nothing positive to say. But, now I have something positive to blog about!

I’ve spend the last 12 months learning a new photography profession, with the aim to set up my own part time business. This leading towards my financial independence again.

Today I had my first sale! After only one week of my business up and running!

I cried. Tears of shock, joy and no doubt other emotions. I didn’t expect people to like my work as much as they clearly do. I didn’t expect people to want to pay me.

I could into all the complex trauma reasons why I put myself down and still don’t expect good reactions from people in my life. There is still fear, shame, low self esteem, my normal being people treating me like I am worthless……… and more. But, I don’t want to write about all that. I know I have those issues still. I’m working on them and okay that it will be a long process, after 46 years of abuse. It’s okay that I haven’t ‘fixed’ all that yet.

So, instead – I will focus on my success. My talent. Others recognising that. Others treating me like I am a person of worth. People giving me amazing feedback about my work and their whole experience with me.

It’s a huge step in the direction of where my life needs to head.

I also recognise how much courage and strength it has taken for me to do this, considering how traumatic 2017 was, and how ill I am.

I’m going to be okay with being a success. With being a person other people do value.  Continue reading