Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Great advice, on why validation is needed, after abusive relationships with narcissists and sociopaths.


During, and especially after a relationship with a Sociopath, you have a need for validation. And these ‘need’s’ can be one or more of the following

  • your not the crazy one~ a Sociopath can almost have you on the brink of believing you truly are the crazy one. This is done with repeated words & actions, breaking your common sense down, creating a dependency on them {ie: if you did this or that, they will praise you, if you said this or that, they in turn said or did something kind}..
  • how can they lie, straight faced, and think I’m going to believe it ~because if you believed just one of their lies, they continue on as there is no consequences for them {in their minds}
  • more words of ‘I will change, we can work this out’~ this is usually said, and then followed up with ‘but your the…

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More beautiful words sent to me on Twitter. I know what it is like to feel completely alone & afraid.


This was sent to me, with a message ” This reminded me of you ,,, Thanks for your Voice”

I am a voice for those with no voice.

Not a perfect voice, or one that knows it all, or has all the answers, or is healed myself yet…and I remind people of that – because I am genuine and honest.

I screw up, make mistakes, fall down, get back up…..and keep speaking.


Speaking and sharing with honesty, rawness and realness.

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