Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

It’s my wedding anniversary today :)


We always keep our wedding anniversary fairly low key.

We’ve stopped wasting money on cards, and buying presents just for the sake of it….because I believe our marriages shouldn’t be celebrated once a year.

I appreciate my husband doing little thoughtful things all year round….not some grandiose, sense of duty effort once a year.

My husband has surprised me thoughtful acts of love in doing things without being asked around the house constantly so I can do less to help deal with my complex PTSD. He has also bought me with gifts that shows he has thought about what I would find joyful, in buying me another rag roll and things for my fairy garden.

That means so much more to me than a fancy bunch of red roses, or a piece of jewellery on our wedding anniversary.

I too have worked on celebrating my husband in thoughtful ways and do things for him I know he appreciates on a regular basis.

We will be having our favourite Thai curry take away later and a bottle of wine.

Marriage is an all year round effort and celebration, not a once a year effort.

I am all for keepin’ it real and focussing on the bigger picture 🙂

So kind of people to share my poems…I always hope they will help someone.


This online newspaper, shared two of my poems today, and I am very thankful to them and all the online newspapers who share my blogs and posts.

It is lovely to have kind people supporting each other.