Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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There comes a point, when you just need to let go of your old life.

I finally give up and accept that part of my life is over and move on.

It’s easier to just burn the bridge, grieve and get over it.

And don’t look back and focus on the future.

It’s feels very sad and painful now, but it will probably be a big part of my healing, to move past all that represented the old me, that was never really who I am.


Feeling increasingly depressed over the last few days & PTSD increasing.

A lot of the processing I do, isn’t bringing happiness. It’s the reality of the world I live in, what it is driven by, who it is driven by, and how much abuse, harm, terror, pain and suffering there is the world.

The processing I do about myself, just makes me more and more aware, of how ‘alien’ I am and that is indeed how I feel.

I feel very detached from this world. I feel very alone, in human terms. I’m trying really hard to be okay with that.

But, failing. Continue reading