Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

I am so used to abuse, bullying, lies now, sometimes I wanna say “is that all you got?!”

I am so used to having hateful stuff said to me, done to me, written about me, lies told etc, by abusive types…

That I am now able to deal with it, in a pretty calm manner now. And just see their issues and not react. I know it’s about them, not me.

Sometimes, I feel like saying…..’Is that all you got!?’

Except I don’t, because that just encourages their darkness.

I don’t have to tolerate their issues, and I decide what kind of response is required, if any. But, I definitely see their issues, as I can pick up on them so easily.

I am definitely toughening up. I said in counselling I needed to toughen up, be more resilient to harmful people, but in the right way, and I am.


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Sadly, I’m currently receiving abusive comments here, which I am not approving.

My work, I do here, attracts many people who need to see this info I share and the insight I have into abuse, and abusers.

Which is great, and is why I do this. Partly to vent my own journey, but I choose to do that in a public blog, to help others and I know it does help many.

But, due to the content of the work I do here, it also sometimes attracts the very people I write about, abusive people, narcissistic people, sociopathic people, paedophiles etc.

I’ve been dealing with this now, for over a year, here, on my FB page and over the last 4 months on Twitter.

I expect it to happen.

the great thing about WordPress, is unless I don’t have to approve the comments. And I currently have over 75 comments not approved. This doesn’t include spam.

About half of these are abusive.

The other half are highly suspicious.

Sad eh. Continue reading

It is a weird realisation to know, there are many conversations going on about me, worldwide.

I receive many posts like this one. People often talk to their therapists about me, which is good due to the content of what I put out there. People also have let me know they regularly discuss me in group sessions and with family, friends etc. Mental health professionals talk about me with their clients and student psychologists/counsellors, use my work too.

Now I have a ‘contact me’ on my Website, I get even more messages from people.

As someone who is actually introverted, this is weird for me to get my head around.

But, I am thankful when and if, anything I do anywhere in my work, helps anyone, in any way.

It is my passion, my ministry, my way of blessing others, as I am blessed.

I know loneliness if one of the worst forms of emotional pain and I don’t want people to feel alone.

It’s amazing what can be done, sat looking like death warmed up, in my pj’s, can do, all round the world.