Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

A Cardinal being investigated for child sexual abuse – not a shock is it.


A Vatican-appointed bishop will fly into Scotland next week to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Cardinal Keith O’Brien, it has emerged.

O’Brien’s successor as archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Leo Cushley, announced the unusual step in letters sent to his clergy this week, according to the National Catholic Reporter (NCR).

It is a huge red flag to me, for any of the men to be protecting and enabling child predators and sex offenders.

Cardinal Pell’s attitude and behaviour has been a huge red flag to me.

And these abusers keep on being promoted.

Science proves psychopaths cannot be ‘cured’.

I have endured severe prolonged abuse in captivity from a psychopath and I know from experience and now from neuroscience – they are highly dangerous and cannot be cured.

So why the hell are they wasting so much money on trying to rehabilitate them? Like Daniel Morcombe’s killer – who was a paedophile psychopath. Four ‘sex offender rehabilitation programs at a massive cost – all a complete waste of money, time and effort and a child died.

Violent psychopaths – need locking up – for the rest of their natural lives – to protect society and children. They destroy lives and they should not be given further chances to harm.


A new study finds psychopaths do not lack empathy. They just possess the ability to turn it on and off—perhaps making some curable.

Critics say psychopaths only lack a certain form of empathy. Their ability to understand it is part of what makes them so dangerous.

“The findings are fascinating,” says Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door. The UK and Germany apparently agree, recently making a book by the new study’s author a Der Spiegel bestseller.

Psychopaths can be alternately charming and brutal. There is something real in both their “faces.”

For the new Brain study, psychopathic criminals, lying in MRI’s, watched videos of a person being hurt by someone else. Only when asked to imagine the receiver’s pain did appropriate areas in psychopaths’ brains—involving pain response—ignite in a way mirroring controls’. Continue reading

Proof that children can thrive & learn respect & healthy behaviour WITHOUT physical discipline.


As a women who was abused by her parents and family – I am very aware of the affect that parenting can have on a child.

Having PTSD, means parenting is harder, as children’s noise and busyness and constant attention needs, are huge stressors to the PTSD mind.

I worry a lot about this. I get really upset sometimes worrying that I am not a good enough mother.

I do NOT agree with physical discipline to children and I believe it to be CHILD ABUSE, including spanking and neuroscience is now showing that spanking affects a child’s growing brain development.

I definitely believe that hitting a child/teenager with a belt, paddle, slipper etc is CHILD ABUSE and this has been confirmed by a highly regarded Christian doctor/counsellor.


My 2 boys have both had their school reports within the last few weeks and they are really good – with the behaviour and effort part and comments about them, being really good.

I don’t focus on just the achievement, because whilst that is relatively important, it is the effort and behaviour that is about their heart and soul. I would rather see a C for achievement and an A or B for effort – which means they have tried hard. Than see a C for achievement and a C for effort. Which means they could have tried harder and got a B or A for achievement.

Both my boys got nearly all B’s and a few A’s for effort and behaviour and mostly C’s and B’s for achievement, with a few A’s. So they are obviously functioning and thriving in school. Continue reading

Is this why abusive people with e.g. personality disorders, have no sense of fair justice?



The reason/cognitive part of the brain functions for justice – not the emotional/cognitive part of the brain…

Is this why people with personality disorders/traits – like narcissism, sociopaths, psychopaths – who have considerable cognitive function issues, lack in the sense of justice/reason based on fairness?

Interesting thought.

I am fascinated by neuroscience and the human brain.

You can take the girl out of the clubbing scene, but you can’t take the clubber out of the girl

Clubbing was my ‘thing’ in my 20’s. I love to dance and still love it and clubbing dance music. Was asked a few times to be a professional club dancer.

Love club music. Still.

I don’t listen to it much – as it’s not good for my PTSD mind.

But, sometimes when a good clubbing song comes on, I still think of being in a club, dancing, up on a podium.

I may not choose to go clubbing anymore, and I wouldn’t encourage it either, but it will always part of who I was.

Love this song.